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A Riot Of Grrrls In The Age Of Trump SARBPREET SINGH

Our dystopian nightmare is here and there is much cause for despair.

Love Letters INNI KAUR

“The whole of the Guru Granth is the voice of a wedded woman pining in love for the Beautiful."

What A Wonderful World!
Janam Da Firangee,

My vegan friend sent me photos of little lambs and baby goats. In response, I sent her pictures of cute little lambs and baby goats.

What I Found In My Old Storage Boxes:
A Letter Dated December 20, 1871 T. SHER SINGH

I have umpteen boxes in storage -- a compendium of 67 years on this earth -- I’ve recently started to sift through …

Quiet Time - 6:
The Ages Of Man & Woman T. SHER SINGH

We are all intrigued by lists, in many cases dependant on them for day-to-day ease and convenience.

This Needs Research - X:
Why Is Her-story Absent From Our Own Telling Of Sikh History? T. SHER SINGH

There are no valid excuses today.

The 1001 Ways We Know God T. SHER SINGH

I love the freedom we have been given to refer to or address God as whatever we want, in whatever language we choose.

Quiet Time - 5:
Compassion & Vigilance In Today’s Topsy-Turvy World T. SHER SINGH

Compassion withheld is not any better than active malfeasance.

Sikh-Aussie Medical Pioneer Awarded Order Of Australia:
Prof Makhan Singh Khangure MANPREET KAUR SINGH

He invented the technology of treating a brain hemorrhage without any surgery or intervention.

Some Random Thoughts:
Janam Da Firangee,

Lt. General Jagjit Singh Aurora would give press briefings on American TV about the progress of the Bangladesh War.

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