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A Thatha Story

Several years ago, the Raagi Jatha from the Bridgewater Gurdwara in New Jersey (USA) was on its way to a Kirtan program in Allentown, Pennsylvania. It was early morning and the Bhai Sahibs were in their full thatha'd glory. A few miles after the New Jersey/Pennsylvania border several patrol cars swooped down on the Jatha  and had them pull over. Apparently the toll booth clerk at the border had called 911 and reported that someone had kidnapped three men; gagged them and was speeding away on Route 78 with his captives !

Courtesy: Sarbpreet Singh, Boston, USA

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Conversation about this article

1: Vijay Manhas (Jamnagar, India), March 30, 2007, 11:11 AM.

This story is special! Unfortunately, many people shy away and never experience the many pleasures this "thatha" has to offer.

2: Paramdeep Singh (India), September 11, 2008, 12:20 PM.

hahaa... angrez will remain angrezz. Singh is King!

3: D.J. Singh (Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A.), December 26, 2008, 11:43 PM.

Hilarious! Thatha'd glory - wow!! :)

4: Ravinder Singh Kalra (Brampton, Ontario, Canada), August 06, 2010, 4:16 PM.

Here's another funny thatha incident that happened with Ishpal Singh, my nephew from U.K. One morning, while getting ready for work, he had his thatha on. His neighbour rang the door bell. As soon as he answered it, the neighbour who was shocked to see his face, exclaimed, "Are you alright, man"? What happened to your face"? Needless to say, the poor fellow had mistaken the thatha for a white bandage.

5: Sarbpreet Singh (Boston, MA, U.S.A.), May 07, 2011, 2:16 PM.

Of all the things I have ever written, I can't believe that the Thathaa's Tale made it to :-) Thata's glory indeed :-D

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