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Traveling with Sant Naranjan Singh of Patiala during the late sixties, Yuktanand took notes. Since, he is unable to lose that passion for gurbani. He practices medicine in a suburb of Ann Arbor, Michigan, U.S.A.

Spiritual Fear:
Letter & Spirit - # 8 YUKTANAND SINGH

Fear is often described as something that is opposite of love. People say that we have nothing to fear except fear itself. Is fear something really that bad?

Soul Mates:
Letter & Spirit - # 7 YUKTANAND SINGH

When we have developed a proper mindset and inner poise, then we do not have to renounce the world. We can continue our spiritual growth while living with all the pleasures

The Wedding:
Letter & Spirit - # 6 YUKTANAND SINGH

Our friends and relatives in the gurdwara may appear to have been murdered for no apparent reason, but we can be sure that they died for a purpose ...

Dyeing the Body Fabric:
Letter & Spirit # 5 YUKTANAND SINGH

There is a version of ‘heaven’ which promises many sexual delights and unlimited wealth ... gurbani does not endorse that version of a 'heaven'.

Many The Ways We Love Thee:
Letter & Spirit - # 4 YUKTANAND SINGH

One of my patients said to me the other day that she wanted to be at peace in feeling that she had done her part as a Muslim before she moved away to another state.

Father, Mother, Kin & Brother Too
Letter & Spirit - #3 YUKTANAND SINGH

"You are my father, you are my mother. You are my kin, and my brother too. You are my protector everywhere; why need I feel any fear or anxiety?"

True Colors
Letter & Spirit - #2

Love, compassion, and forgiveness are fundamental colors of our soul ... Dark colors -- anger, greed, resentment, revenge, guilt and fear -- replace and smudge the color of the soul ...

Letter & Spirit:
A New Weekly Column
# 1 - Master and Servant YUKTANAND SINGH

jo maangeh thaakur apne te so-ee so-ee devai” - "Whatever (a servant) asks for, the master gives it." A popular shabad, oft sung ... what does it mean?

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