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Yuktanand Singh



Traveling with Sant Naranjan Singh of Patiala during the late sixties, Yuktanand took notes. Since, he is unable to lose that passion for gurbani. He practices medicine in a suburb of Ann Arbor, Michigan, U.S.A.

The Spirit Within ... The Way of the Sikh:
Letter & Spirit # 18 YUKTANAND SINGH

Water is essential for every living being. This is why it is available in abundance.

A Busy Man and His Spare Time ... The Way of the Sikh:
Letter & Spirit # 17 YUKTANAND SINGH

Guru Nanak’s path is straight-forward: doing naam simran while living the life of a householder.

His Mercy ... The Way of the Sikh:
Letter & Spirit # 16 YUKTANAND SINGH

Guru Nanak’s mercy is without any limit or boundaries. We must never forget this and never lose hope.

Be Healthy, Clean & Rested ... The Way of the Sikh:
Letter & Spirit # 15 YUKTANAND SINGH

One must get adequate sleep and be well rested. At least 7 to 8 hours of sleep is necessary ... Our body can engage in the spiritual toil only when it is healthy.

Layers of Being ... The Way of The Sikh:
Letter & Spirit # 14 YUKTANAND SINGH

The English Channel runs between Britain and France. There is a stream of warm water in this channel. This stream is inside the cold ocean but its water stays separate from it.

Preparing for the Hereafter ... The Way of The Sikh:
Letter & Spirit # 13 YUKTANAND SINGH

If someone loses his keys, he keeps thinking about the lost keys at all moments, even when he is busy at his job ...

In Good Company ...
The Way of The Sikh:
Letter & Spirit # 12 YUKTANAND SINGH

While living as a householder, we need to stay engaged in simran during work and family obligations ...

Gurmukh Sikhia -
The Way of the Sikh:
Letter & Spirit # 11 YUKTANAND SINGH

One who engages in simran needs to also rise above the desire for wealth, personal fame or spiritual powers. They are hurdles on the path.

The Guru:
Letter & Spirit - Part 10 YUKTANAND SINGH

All the Sikh Gurus made sure that no one worshipped them as God. They called themselves lowly servants of God.

Spiritual Pain:
Letter & Spirit - Part 9 YUKTANAND SINGH

Many believe that spirituality is only for dreamers, that it is neither relevant nor necessary in the real world. Talk of spirituality is thus, for them, just like talking in the wilderness.

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