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With 30 years at the side of her mother-in-law, Jagdish Kaur, and 20 learning from her pupils at the Gurdwara Bridgewater, she is the author of Menus and Memories from Punjab.

What is Karam?
Living Sikhi - Lesson Twenty Two by VERONICA SIDHU

The Law of Karam - As you sow, so shall you reap - in this life or another. There is no escaping consequences.

Sajjan The Robber:
Living Sikhi, Lesson Twenty-One by VERONICA SIDHU

The story of the human monster who tried to ensnare Guru Nanak, but instead found enlightenment in gurbani and kirtan.

The Message
Living Sikhi - Lesson Twenty by VERONICA SIDHU

A review of the Guru Nanak's Golden Rules and his teachings on social justice.

Malik Bhago
Living Sikhi, Lesson Nineteen by VERONICA SIDHU

How did Guru Nanak change Malik Bhago and, at the same time, revolutionize society and the way people looked at work?  

The Caste System
Living Sikhi, Lesson Eighteen by VERONICA SIDHU

What is the Hindu caste system, why it is deemed evil in Sikh practice and is strictly prohibited in Sikhism?

True Prayer:
Living Sikhi, Lesson Sixteen by VERONICA SIDHU

Guru Nanak's lesson on how to properly, sincerely and meaningfully say a prayer.

Nanak Shows The Way
Living Sikhi - Lesson Thirteen by VERONICA SIDHU

This week's lesson looks at the path shown by Guru Nanak to achieve oneness with God, the Creator of all.

Nanak The Guru
Living Sikhi - Lesson Twelve by VERONICA SIDHU

The story of Nanak who emerges after three days in the River to say: "There is no Hindu, There is no Mussalman!"

The Important Women Who Nurtured Nanak
Living Sikhi, Lesson Eleven by VERONICA SIDHU

Mata Tripta, Bibi Nanaki and Bibi Sulakhni played an important role in young Nanak's early and adult life.

Calling All Greens! by VERONICA SIDHU

Traditionally eaten with makki di roti (corn flatbread), it's also good with naan or phulkas (whole-wheat flatbread).

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