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Gurmeet is an avid environmentalist and eco-traveler. A volunteer with several Sikh advocacy organizations, she is also mother of the young peace activist and filmmaker, Angad Singh.

Stacked Deck:
War of the Sexes - Part II by I.J. SINGH & GURMEET KAUR

For ages, the deck has been so heavily stacked against women that we can't imagine a time when it wasn't so ...

Stand Up, Be Counted by GURMEET KAUR & INNI KAUR

Having an accurate count of our community is key to our progress in the United States ... and everywhere else in the diaspora.

Shardaayi: The Nectar of Warriors by GURMEET KAUR

It is famous as the drink that powers the largely vegetarian yet physically fit Nihang warriors of Punjab.

They Need Our Help by GURMEET KAUR

A team of 35 spent 18 months in a studio in Punjab to produce this 90-minute low-budget but beautiful film: Bhai Taru Singh.

Would You Tolerate A Film Glorifying Hitler? by GURMEET KAUR

The Indian Government is busy elevating Indira Gandhi to the status of Mother Durga, a Hindu goddess. Don't Indians have any self-respect?

Lo! He Enters Manhood by GURMEET KAUR

As a mother, I want to give him all ... an elaborate 16th birthday party, a formal dastaar bandhi ...

Redemption ... Amidst The Drug Wars by GURMEET KAUR

A silent war is on between the gurdwara and the neighbourhood thekas - the Akal De-addiction Centre is the DMZ!

Our Fig Tree:
On Earth Day 2009 by GURMEET KAUR

Every Earth Day, I make a change in my life, in honour of Bhagat Puran Singh, the great environmentalist.

Angad Singh Named Top Student Filmmaker at Hollywood Film Fest by GURMEET KAUR

"I might be considered a normal American teen, and then again, maybe not ..."

1984 & I:
The Face of Evil by GURMEET KAUR

They were back before long, over a hundred in number this time around, armed with bricks, torches, metal rods and machetes.

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