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Gurmeet is an avid environmentalist and eco-traveler. A volunteer with several Sikh advocacy organizations, she is also mother of the young peace activist and filmmaker, Angad Singh.

A Mother Prays:
For Young Angad Singh As He Leaves Home For Third Year of College GURMEET KAUR

"I wash; they bleed. / I rinse; they gleam. / I squeeze; they smile ..."

Mixed Blessings JODHA SINGH [Translated from Punjabi by GURMEET KAUR]

We used to grow tomatoes. It took three long months of tender care, sweat and wait before the fruit even showed.

Out of The Mouths of Babes ... GURMEET KAUR

I sang - "bandana har bandana gun gaavo gopal rai".

Life, Liberty & the Pursuit of Harmony:
The Fabulous Lipitones GURMEET KAUR

One by one, each stereotype is dispelled.

I Can't Stop Crying GURMEET KAUR

He told me that their son was coming back soon from his summer internship. His voice was full of pride. “From where?” I asked with enthusiasm. It was exciting to know that they are placing value on his education.

A Letter to the Future GURMEET KAUR

If you could write a letter to a young girl in Punjab who is stepping into adulthood, training to be a future teacher and thus a Sikh role model who will also be, potentially, someone's life partner ... what would you say to her?  

The Month of Jeytth [May 15 - June 14] Translated by GURMEET KAUR

During the third month of the Nanakshahi calendar: "As the earth simmers/ The soul bride glows/ In longing ..."

Dr. Patwant Kaur: She Gives Succour To The Dying by GURMEET KAUR

“It’s the closest experience to being with God. To help someone prepare for the final journey. To let them die in peacefulness, in comfort and with honor.“

The Month of Phalgun
[February 13 - March 13] Poems translated from Punjabi by GURMEET KAUR

The Guru has bestowed /This Unity /The Soul bride / Finds the beloved /In her own dwelling / In the month of Phalgun – culminating ...

The Month of Maagh
[January 13 - February 12] Poems translated from Punjabi by GURMEET KAUR

I make / A journey / Inside / Of me... In stillness / To be / Virtuous, Free of filth, And One with thee ...

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