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How India Surrendered All Pretensions To Being A Law Abiding State KANWAR SINGH SANDHU

“The truth must come out in front of the world.”

New Book On 1984 Fails Yet Again To Identify The Masterminds Of The Genocide COOMI KAPOOR

It shies away from addressing the larger political conspiracy.

Confessions Of An Indian Killer Cop

Even petty criminals who fell into police traps were eliminated because money deals were involved.

Gurvinder Singh’s Punjabi Film On 1984 Bags Top Honours At Singapore and Belgrade FilmFests NEWS REPORT

Gurvinder Singh‘s “Chauthi Koot (The Fourth Direction)”

Confessions Of An Indian Killer Cop

A chilling revelation of how India's Police murdered hundreds of Sikhs in cold blood in staged killings in the 1980s and ’90s.

How An Innocent Man Was Imprisoned & Tortured by India AMANINDER SHARMA

But then became a Cabinet Minister!

Three Decades Later:
Coda To An Extraordinary Journey SARBPREET SINGH

"What is it that I hope to find? / In these dusty alleys, / Forbidden, unkind ..."

The Pot Calling The Kettle Black:
Modi’s RSS Endorsed, Supported & Participated In 1984 Genocide SHAMSUL ISLAM

Mr Modi has conveniently failed to mention his mentor's and RSS' role in 1984.

This November,
I Try To Speak To Ghalib JASPREET SINGH

"Someone reduced Delhi to cruel squads, a strange Diwali / Dark clouds ascend like Qutab Minars ..."

The So-Called Intellectuals Of India
Newfound Courage For Old Cowards? PRESS TRUST OF INDIA

Why a similar civil outrage was not witnessed when the 1984 anti-Sikh pogroms shook India?

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