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Prem Kahani:
The Morn





“My love, you look so tired. Come rest your head in my lap. Close your eyes. Shh-h!”

My fingers glide over his head and forehead.

He snuggles closer.

“How was your day, dearest?”

“Rest, my love.”

“Your voice soothes me. Tell me about your morning.”

“I woke up at dawn, my love. I went downstairs and sat on the deck awaiting the sun. As the first rays appeared, dew drops offered their salutations.

“Then, ever so gently, the beams began to touch the trees. It was as if each tree was being kissed by the sun. They lit up … bit by bit, until the woods glowed.

“The air was saturated with a fragrance.

“The birds began to serenade.

“It was as if all the flora was welcoming the sun.

“I was mesmerized.

“Bliss descended.

“Shabad of the Fifth Nanak resounded within:

Dawn bursts, sparrows chirp,
Many waves rise inside truth-exemplars,
The naam-immersed see the wondrous beauty
. [GGS: 319]

“My Love, that was my morning.”

I see tears trickling down his beautiful face. He raises his head and kisses me ever so gently.

September 7, 2017

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The Morn"

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