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The Peacock & The Koh-i-Noor




The hideous part of the peacock is the gnarled legs and gait

It plods like a ballerino to a reluctant wedding, with a homely mate

Beyond that, poise and beauty rise to mirror the ideal and manifest aesthetic forms

At rest, wise and elusive, and from this a Peacock Throne is born


A thousand pearls dipped in the purest gold, 12 knobby columns bear the precious enamelled canopy

A shelter for Shah Jahan, a terrace for his ease and contemplative majesty


Clusters of brilliant diamonds, rubies and emeralds fan gracefully to either side

Enhancing his illustrious consideration

With the brightest diamond at the pinnacle, where it lent clarity to his deliberation


The Koh-i-Noor becomes a doomed gift to a plotting wicked child

And is shepherded to Persia when Delhi was defiled


Some say the Peacock throne was stolen by the British as they seized the air in Nadir's throat

And placed on board a ship for Africa, which failed to float


The priceless relic sits on a careless ocean floor?

Quite convenient one could say

Others claim the throne destroyed (duly mumbled as the prize was whisked away?)


In grief and admiration other Peacocks then are born but none to share its humbling splendours

Many tried and hoped to match this marvellous and missing wonder, but they are


There have been other thrones; the Chrysanthemum, the Dragon, the Phoenix and the Lion

They harbour other travesties

But the radiant Peacock longs to show her face, and grace an heir with gilded majesties


The Koh-i-Noor returns to bless a treaty with Shah Shuja, and Ranjit Singh the warrior king

Ranjit agrees to arm and to restore the Shah and this the price, the brilliant offering


An heirloom for two very different sons; parted, plundered, ransomed and retrieved

The Koh-i-Noor seduces other Kingdoms, the Peacock throne is muzzled and deceived



November 6, 2010

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