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What Can We Expect From India's Thugs Next?





With the appointment last week of Sikh-Canadian politician Bardish Kaur Chagger as the Leader of the Canadian Government in the House of Commons, many readers have expressed concern, both privately and publicly, over the distinct possibility of an over-reaction from the Indian government which is ever jealous and envious of the achievements of Sikhs not only in India but anywhere in the world.

Their reactions on any front have never been known to be intelligent, civilized or well thought out.

The last three decades have shown, for example, how they orchestrate a high-drama and concocted situation somewhere or the other in the world -- usually around Vaisakhi, the June anniversary of the attack on The Golden Temple and the anniversary of the state-sponsored November 1984 anti-Sikh pogrom -- designed expressly to put Sikhs in a bad light and to overshadow and drown out any celebration, commemoration or protest the latter may have in the offing.

Trust me, this is not paranoia -- not on my part, not on the part of any of our readers and well-wishers.

A few years ago, a bunch of us sat down and charted out a table of such mischiefs created through the course of the decades and it soon became clear how predictable the Indians were.

We thenceforth made it a point to mark the week before the June and November anniversaries every year on our calendars to remind ourselves to brace ourselves for yet another badmaashi.

What else could we do? There was no way of preparing our community for the next onslaught because one just couldn’t anticipate where and how and what would happen next. Just like we can’t anticipate today the next outrage by an ISIS inspired thug.

But let me hasten to add that though we need to be ever vigilant, we also need not be depressed about this state of affairs and can (and should) remain in chardi kalaa. There’s always a silver-lining, and in the case of the machinations of the Indian ‘intelligence’ community, it has come to pass that the cloud never lasts long and the silver lining becomes an all-pervasive glow for us.

It’s what invariably and inevitably happens when we always walk the straight line, never straying from it, no matter what the rascals are up to. Ultimately, things catch up with them. Always.

Let me explain.
There is nothing -- no mischief, no dishonesty, no crime -- that India has not tried to malign Sikhs in Canada, as well as the Sikhs of the diaspora, for the simple reason that Sikhs outside India are perceived as the Sikh nation’s (not so) secret weapon and therefore seen as a priority for attack.

While the Sikhs in India can be badgered into silence through intimidation, threats, violence and the sheer weight of an overwhelming majority that has no scruples, Sikhs outside are free, influential by sheer dint of hard work, affluent, citizens of truly free, democratic and civilized societies, and not afraid to speak out against human rights violations anywhere and everywhere -- including in India.

There is no country more free and democratic and civilized as Canada. Sikhs live here in large numbers -- some estimates count them as much as a million -- and through sheer merit and hard work have become part of all segments of society.

THAT, my friends, gives sleepless nights to India’s mischief-makers. How can we silence these truth-sayers, they keep on asking themselves.

They’ve tried everything.

Speak to anyone in India -- and most of the desis who live outside it -- and they will tell you of the Sikh “militants, extremists and terrorists” that abound in Canada. The falsehood doesn’t stop there. There are also some who are wilfully blind amongst India's 30 million Sikhs who find it expedient to play ostrich, and readily regurgitate the propaganda that they hear around them.

There’s more.

Every Indian prime minister who comes to Canada parrots the allegation that it harbours Sikh ’extremists’, but sheepishly never offers any evidence. They even manage to get some of Canada’s own politicians -- those who are spineless and easy to purchase -- to repeat the allegations and promise to look into them, while fully knowing that they have no merit.

In 1985, Indian ‘intelligence’ operatives blew up an Air India plane en route from Canada to the United Kingdom, and masterfully put the blame on Sikhs. Through a brilliant propaganda machine, they have convinced the world that they had nothing to do with it, it was the Sikhs.

Well, here’s the wrinkle. Canadian authorities, as well as intelligence services in all of the Western democracies, know that the Indians were behind the mass-murder, not Sikhs. Hence, their governments are fully privy to that knowledge too.

To the point that Indian politicians and bureaucrats who have any dealings with their counterparts in the civilized West have absolutely no credibility with the latter. None of them are treated seriously by the West. Not even Modi and his merry band.

Don’t be fooled by the public pronouncements by our politicians aimed at getting trade concessions from India. Behind closed doors, no one takes India seriously. Every new public display of moronic behaviour by the Indians adds to it. The statistics and facts and figures belie all of India’s claims of change and progress.

That brings me back to Canada.

India just doesn’t understand why, despite all of its efforts to paint the Sikhs in a certain colour, Canada still appoints a Sardar as its Defence Minister. And three other Sikhs as part of the governing cabinet.

Last week’s elevation of Bardish Kaur to a key government position adds to India’s constipation.

Well, I can help them in understanding why Sikhs do well, despite all of India’s lies and machinations.

It’s simple. Badmaashi doesn’t work, not even if it is oiled by a rich country‘s finely honed propaganda industry. Initially, it creates a bit of a dust-storm but it doesn’t take long for the dirt to settle, and the truth becomes clear and obvious. The scoundrels then reveal themselves … and the objects of the mischief begin to shine.

What India simply cannot comprehend is that merit is what works in countries that are free and democratic and civilized. The cream always come up to the top.

So, lay on your next mischief, but remember, all you are doing is accelerating the positive development of a community of nation-builders.

If you choose to silence them in your country through your unlimited supply of sillinesses under the rubric of Hindutva, all I can do is point out but one example of how you are shooting yourselves in your own collective foot.

In the Olympics before the combined blight of Modi, BJP and RSS hit India, the country won six medals: NO golds, TWO silvers, FOUR bronzes. It had fielded 83 competitors.

Now, well over two years after the arrival of the Hindutva plague, India at the Rio Olympics has won NO golds, ONE silver, ONE bronze.

A giant step backwards for Indian-kind: from six medals to two! Even though this time around it fielded 117 athletes, up about 42% from the earlier Games.

Go ahead and draw your own conclusions.

I suggest you don’t shrug it off as a single, isolated indicator. Check out every other indicia of progress that respected professionals use to measure the trajectory of the countries around the globe, and you’ll find that India has actually slipped and declined on virtually every significant index ... and is well on its way to rock bottom.

Sure, India has more robber barons than ever before. But that isn’t worth writing home about.

A country busy in destroying itself has no ability to harm others. Period.

August 22, 2016         

Conversation about this article

1: Akhil Biswas (Kolkata, India), August 22, 2016, 4:16 PM.

Our country suffers from two afflictions: First, our politicians who are thieves and are front-men for even bigger thieves. Second, a populace of lemmings which does not think for itself, and happily allows its homes and pockets to be pilfered, and cheers while the pillage is in progress. So, Crooks and Morons, together -- all home-grown! -- are taking us down the garden path.

2: Jill Innis (Hamilton, Ontario, Canada), August 22, 2016, 5:52 PM.

One of the fundamental qualities of stupidity is not knowing when to stop, not knowing when enough is enough. Watch Trump espouse his 'ideas' and you'll know what I mean. I think he learnt it from the Indians.

3: Tony Singh (Canada), August 22, 2016, 8:28 PM.

It would be in India's best interest to win over the Sikh diaspora by addressing the Sikhs' grievances in Punjab. India is fighting a losing battle in trying to speak over the Sikhs in places like Canada, the US and UK because the Sikhs themselves are very politically active in these countries and understandibly maintain a soft spot for the plight of their brethren in Punjab. In Canada, the Indian government has tried to use various Indo-Canadian organizations, most of them with shell fronts and cooked-up fly-by-night set-ups, to influence the Canadian government. For example, an Indian government official linked to its intelligence services is reported to have been the instrument behind the founding of the Canada-India Foundation and the Indo-Canada Chamber of Commerce, both of which now work in tandem with the local Indian Highy Commission (embassy) and consulates. There are also other such organizations (mostly composed of non-Sikh desis) that are doing the Indian government's bidding by trying to influence Canadian politicians. The sad reality is that the Sikhs have no such credible organizations, and therefore are left no choice but to build on their age-old dedication to democracy and turn to direct political involvement to get the government of the day to address their legitimate concerns.

4: Raj (Canada), August 22, 2016, 9:47 PM.

We should get some sort of representation in the UN. That's the platform to fend off these badmaashees. Even an Observer's level representation would suffice for the time being.

5: Ali Nawaz (New Delhi, India), August 24, 2016, 10:21 AM.

You speak truth to power ... the way of the Sikh. Thank you.

6: Balbir Singh (Chandigarh, Punjab), August 24, 2016, 1:45 PM.

Every Indian, even those with only half a brain, should be asking themselves: Looking at the intense involvement of Sikh-Canadians in their democratic institutions, does it really look like they are 'extremists, militants and terrorists'? Really!

7: Gurteg Singh (New York, USA), August 24, 2016, 10:37 PM.

The Indian agencies are bent upon their mischief and the latest incident just happened two weeks ago when the entire Indian propaganda echo-chambers exploded in unison against the Sikhs under the direction of Modi's Badmaash-in-Chief and master of dirty tricks, Ajit Doval. In another of their non-stop silly, childish and cooked up stories about "busting" a Khalistan 'terrorist module', "heroic" Hindu central security agencies arrested three Sikhs and recovered three country-made pistols, ammunition and explosives and nearly 15 bullet-proof jackets from their so-called hideout. As per the Indian Government, the 'suspects' are from the KLF – an insurgent group which was purportedly part of the separatist Khalistan movement in Punjab in the 1980s. What the Indian media ignored to mention was that the KLF is a non-existent organization which is resurrected along with the mythical and also non-existent Babbar Khalsa whenever Indian agencies want to arrest and torture and kill innocent Sikhs who are peacefully demanding their God-given rights for freedom and justice. The Sikhs visiting from the diaspora booked in this instance are US-based Harjap Singh Japi, who is described as linked to a "radical Sikh" organization in the US – Sikhs for Justice! – and Italy-based Avtar Singh. Both hail from Hoshiarpur district in Punjab. As per the members of the families of these Sikhs, their only fault was to sell t-shirts and get signatures on a petition for a 2020 referendum for freedom of the Sikhs. The news reports also say that they have been brutally tortured by Hindu agencies. Another biggest and most dangerous operation being conducted by Indian agencies is the repeated desecration of Guru Granth Sahib which started last year in Punjab. After a brief lull, it has again been revived in Punjab and their next target is the diaspora Sikhs and our Gurdwaras in USA, England and Canada.

8: Sangat Singh (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia), August 26, 2016, 6:33 PM.

On December 7, 1941 Pearl Harbour was bombed by Japan, an outrage which swept America by storm. The same thing happened in 1984 when thousands of innocent Sikh men, women and children were killed through a pre-planned and orchestrated pogrom. Thereafter, the country's government, administration and justice system took wilful leave of its senses and any semblance of civilized behaviour. Compare it with when Nathuram Godse, a Hindu fanatic, murdered Mohandas Gandhi shortly after Independence! Mrs Gandhi's assassination was no more grievous than Mohandas Gandhi's, in fact the former had committed crimes against humanity, the latter hadn't.

9: Dya Singh (Melbourne, Australia), August 26, 2016, 10:49 PM.

Thank you for putting everything into a nutshell. I do not keep abreast of all that happens in India, or even Punjab. It takes one reading of an article like this by Sher Singh ji and all the comments that follow, to get up to speed. Thank you!

10: Arjan Singh (USA), August 30, 2016, 7:06 PM.

#8 Sangat ji: I agree with your observation and comment. Post assassination of both MK Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi, there were no reports or occurrences of organized pogroms against the Hindu community ... the religious group to which both assassins belonged. No Hindu women were gang-raped or Hindu men set on fire on the streets of Delhi or other Indian cities. One has to look at the mayhem, looting, raping and organized violence that was unleashed on the Sikh community post Indira Gandhi’s assassination. With an open mind, now that we have the retrospect of more than 60 years of post-colonial Indian society, I can assure you that post MK Gandhi assassination the Sikhs could have easily gone out and used violence to teach the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) and Hindu Mahasabha (Nathuram Godse’s organization) a lesson, in the manner of the 1984 anti-Sikh pogrom, but the Sikh community more often than not uses the metaphorical and literal sword only to fight for justice, not for committing crimes against humanity. The entire Sikh community in India is living in the La-La Land if they feel that the Indian society considers them part of the society. The sooner they wake up and smell the coffee and DEMAND their rights through all means (legal and in an organized manner); the better it is. Their rights (including the right to practice their religion) will be further eroded; since the proverbial TIGER has tasted blood; and now knows how to prey on its kill

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