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The Racist, Supremacist Bigot -
In His Natural Habitat





National Geographic is renowned for its daring, innovative and insightful studies of various species in their natural habitat -- including many of the homo sapiens variety.

It may be time for the illustrious institution to produce a film on a hitherto unstudied species -- the Racist, Supremacist Bigot -- by tracking him down to his natural habitat and observing how he lives, eats, sleeps and, of course, mates, procreates and prolongs his kind.

The great internet warrior who gets his strength from anonymity, his sustenance from ignorance and self-loathing, he is a marvel of nature, no less than, say, the sloth who whiles his life away in meaningless slow-motion, or the hyena which has the extraordinary ability to cackle like a human.

Surely, he’s nothing short of a miracle, if you look at the sheer size of his arrogance and the ambit of his sense of superiority, all  whilst having no qualities to justify either. How does he muster his attitude given that he lacks in intelligence, has little education to write home about, no wealth, no piety, not even good looks. He is uncouth. He has no social skills. And considers morality, hygiene and human decency as unnecessary luxuries. 

Yet, he struts and sashays, all the time spewing a unique mixture of nonsense and venom, behaving as if he himself is God’s gift to mankind.

Surely, this mutant is worth a study and, at the very least, deserves a 30-minute special on the Discovery Channel, revealing his mating habits, if nothing else is worthy of note. Because he does manage to survive in an increasingly hostile environment of creeping multiculturalism, feminism, inter-faith amity, human rights protections, and ah yes, those pesky little things called Laws.

I have, over the course of my travels, had the opportunity to observe some of these sad creatures even though, I must confess, it took me some time to figure out how and where they slunk away, having camouflaged themselves from open public scrutiny.

Like roaches, they abhor sunlight.

Surprise them by suddenly turning on the lights, and they’ll scuttle in a jiffy, creeping back into their holes. If cornered or surrounded, with nowhere to sneak away and hide, they display a chameleon-like ability to change colours and utter politically-correct noises that would make any Republican proud.

When caught red-handed, they loudly proclaim their love for ethnic foods, that butter chicken is their favourite dish, samosas their daily snack, lassi their staple drink. They love to dance the bhangra, they’ll tell you, and will instantly throw up their hands in the air to prove it by displaying their skills in unscrewing light-bulbs. Their best friends are a Jew and a Black, and a Muslim too. They'll turn nostalgic: they once had a Sardar as a room-mate at school, who is now sorely missed.

But switch the lights off, or give them the anonymity of the internet, and they turn, at the blink of an eye, into foaming racists. They’ll post comments left and right, citing imaginary sources from the Bible or the Mahabharta, give you convoluted arguments that have no rhyme or reason. I assure you, they know no religion, they have no beliefs. They can't even spell the name of the one they were born into, because they never saw any beauty in it. But they have hatred to spare for one and all. 

They give no truck to logic or rational thought. All they need is an untrammelled opportunity to empty their bile, to spew some abuse, to throw in a string of expletives -- all of which tires them out momentarily. And they sit back, huffing and puffing, waiting for you to take the bait. So that they can pounce again, still hidden behind the skirt of anonymity.

But, you ask, how then do we spot this interesting specimen of human nature, if he hides in lairs and only emerges to spit and vomit and then disappears again?

Simple. Remember, he is a self-loathing creature. He hates everything, including himself and his own. He fears everybody else because he's never cared to learn anything about anything, including himself and his own.

So, look for cowards, and you’ll find these gutless wonders. There aren't many of them, trust me, but they do look like a horde, let me warn you, when you see them cringeing together … just like a dozen roaches in our home evoke hoarse outcries from us of an invasion! 

Then, look them straight in the eye, and they’ll scuttle away, I promise you.

Blink, and they’ll be gone …

December 11, 2014     

Conversation about this article

1: Kiran Kaur (San Jose, California, USA), December 11, 2014, 3:12 PM.

It is so true. They appear so menacing and yet they amount to nothing. Thank you for putting things in perspective, especially after the sad piece by Vishavjit Singh on these very pages.

2: Giuseppe Faraday (Toronto, Ontario, Canada), December 12, 2014, 10:24 AM.

Don't they say, "Empty vessels make the most noise"?

3: Aryeh Leib Lerner (Israel), December 13, 2014, 3:42 PM.

Indeed, much of my life from junior high school onward has contained at least a few of these creatures who, if I may quote from a novel I read a number of years ago, "have no interest in knowing anything they don't already know". Which, believe me, isn't much!

4: Baldev Singh (Bradford, United Kingdom), December 13, 2014, 8:55 PM.

Sadly, such two-faced and back-stabbing cowards are to be found in every society. Sooner or later, they too get their just desserts.

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In His Natural Habitat"

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