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The Extraordinaries:
Ratanjit and Dolly Singh Sondhe





Continued from yesterday …
[The Extraordinaries]

They make a formidable team, the two of them.

Married for 48 years, they complement each other like very few couples I know. They’ve been together through thick and thin … all the way from their early days in America when, in the late 1960s, he joined the Ph.D. program in Polymer Chemistry at The University of Akron, to starting his career as an employee of a Cleveland-area company, to being owner of his own company and shepherding it through challenges galore …

Until it was bought off his hands by Dow Chemical Company in 2007 for a small fortune.   

Sure, Ratanjit Singh Sondhe was the inventor and innovator vis-à-vis the products that he pioneered -- now used on highways, concrete structures, subway systems, etc. all over -- but Dolly was there through every moment of it, helping build and run it all, not only as his muse and inspiration, but as a senior, hands-on executive who kept the whole organization glued together and functional as a well-oiled machine.

What they did with their company -- Poly-Carb, Inc. -- is indeed miraculous, considering they were often running against the tide of a teetering economy.

But what impresses me most is what they did after they sold their company.

I, of course, have a bias: I admire people who know how to live well, how to enjoy the blessings that come their way, to the hilt. People who voluntarily hop off the wheel, the moment they see that they don’t need to be in the rat-race anymore. People who then find a way to pursue their passions and, at the same time, remain useful and fruitful in new and wonderful ways. People who then use their new-found freedom from the routine and the mundane to add joy to life, not just their own but for others as well, in ever-increasing concentric circles.

The first thing Ratanjit and Dolly did was to acquire a lavish property in suburbia. A little Garden of Eden, really. Dolly has an eye for design and style, and the two have a finely-honed taste for the good things in life.

I’ve had the pleasure of seeing them in their habitat and I can say unequivocally that I don’t know too many people who live better … better, that is, not in a wasteful or gluttonous sort of a way, but with class and contentment.

It’s something not so easy to do, particularly if you’re wealthy, because the surfeit of resources tends to obviate the need to discriminate (between the good and gaudy, for example), makes one careless, and more often than not leads to one surrounding oneself with a lot of trendy and expensive junk.

Dolly and Ratanjit haven’t fallen into the trap. Every piece they have at home, every twist and turn they have effected outside, whether it is in the approach to their home or the walk in the back towards the river, is perfected to the nth degree.

I wouldn’t have started this series with them had they stopped there and resigned themselves to the good life, or immediately got back on the treadmill to see how they could double all they had every five years, until the end of time.

Ratanjit had encountered an endless number of challenges in his struggle, first to stay afloat in business, and then to turn it into an astounding success. His biggest struggle was in grappling with the existing corporate culture, the very thing that America is so proud of and one which he believes has now turned sour.

His biggest success was in having the inspiration to scrap it completely within his own operations and introducing his own brand of corporate culture -- based on all that he had imbibed through his Sikh Faith.

Sikhi, he says, is a way of life which has all the answers we need to meet any challenge in life, whether it is spiritual or worldly, domestic or social, political or corporate … He experimented with ideas he had culled from his spiritual life and applied them daringly at his workplace.

When he “retired’ from corporate life, he began to re-visit all those innovative ideas he had introduced at the work-place and seen them transform it magically into a living, thriving, growing, nurturing, profitable human venture.

He found that there were “universal laws” that our elders have shone light on but we remain blind to them. He began writing, and then talking wherever he could about ONENESS, the message of Guru Nanak, advocating its application in everything we do, no matter what or where.

In doing so through the years, he has become an author, educator, lecturer, radio & television host, business coach, corporate consultant … all on top of being “retired” and a husband, a father and a householder.

Dolly is the impresario, the manager and administrator ... in addition to being "retired," a wife and a mother.

What’s the difference between their busy-ness before, and their life now after “retirement”? 

One simple difference: they have accepted as a fact of life that do not need any more income, therefore it is no longer the motivation behind their daily life, nor does it shape their actions, decisions and choices any more.

Once Ratanjit realized that he needed to broadcast his ideas and share them with a bigger audience, he turned part of his sprawling home into a studio, which is managed by a professional staff.

Dolly manages the facilities with aplomb, while Ratanjit works on the delivery of the message.

Now, not only do they produce their own TV and radio segments -- which are then sent out to networks that are willing to broadcast them on their own dime -- but each segment is now available in the form of CDs and DVDs.

Ratanjit has now also published a string of books which supplement his other educational projects. For example, “TEA: The Recipe for Stress-Free Living”, followed by “The Secret of Our Ultimate Success”.
The latest offering is “How Oneness Changes Everything”, which has the added attraction of the saga detailing how Ratanjit and Dolly have encountered each bump and hurdle in their lives, both personally and in business, and how they have overcome them.

They have now developed seminar and meeting facilities on the property -- state of the art, I might add, with everything that you need in-house.

I attended one presentation in which Ratanjit spelled out his views on Leadership and how the concept of Oneness is a win-win for all, the leaders and the followers. The lecture was attended by a dazzling list of the region’s CEOs, NGO executives and community activists, with the discussion also being broadcast live to other countries as an interactive webinar.   

I must confess that I do not take easily to self-help books and lectures; they just don’t grab me because I find them preachy, even didactic.

Somehow, I’ve found Ratanjit’s work different.

A few years ago, I heard one of his CD sets while driving on a long-distance trip. I found it life-transforming. Ever since, I’ve been trying to devote a week to each one of the dozens of steps outlined therein, and I’ve found the process enlightening.

Why, I’ve often wondered? Don’t I already know everything he puts before you, from Sikh teachings?

I’ve come to the conclusion that his gift is in simplifying things and couching them in everyday language and idiom, even separating them from the realm of institutional religion and new-age mumbo-jumbo and showing us that the “universal laws” are essentially part of us; all we need to do is live them instead of shirking away from them.

There’s another factor: Dolly.

At the lecture, I looked around me and discovered that everything -- and I mean E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G! -- worked perfectly, was a delight to the eye and the ear, to all the senses. Nothing was out of place, nothing had been left to chance.

I haven’t been to too many events in my life where I’ve found such perfection. And, sadly, that’s my biggest gripe when it comes to our own community projects and ventures (including our gurdwaras): form and presentation is thrown to the winds, the substance, therefore, no matter how pristine and lofty, suffers … and  gets lost.

Sitting there, listening to Ratanjit talk about Leadership -- his thoughts were indeed simple yet revolutionary -- there were no distractions.

My mind did wander off a bit, though. Why in heaven’s name, I wondered, aren’t Ratanjit and Dolly being dragged off by our institutions to teach their personnel these wonderful concepts of Leadership? They are, after all, rooted in Sikhi!    

Why aren’t we emulating their marriage of form and substance, which is the very quintessence of Sikhi?      

Why aren’t our activists and do-gooders lining up at their door, asking them to teach them how to do things -- and that includes media and public relations?

We need to see first hand how Ratanjit and Dolly overlook or neglect nothing.

The language of the lecture is impeccable. And so is attention to detail. Everything rehearsed. Tested. Fully prepared. Ready. Punctual. Clean. Immaculate. Beautiful. 

Every bit of technology -- all of it the latest you’ll find anywhere -- works without a glitch.

You need something? It’s there, right within your arm’s reach.

You want something done, then or later? They deliver … as promised. And on time.

I scratched my head. Is it their wealth that makes all of this run so smoothly?

Not really.

Many of our gurdwaras have more property and wealth, and monthly income too, than Ratanjit and Dolly, let me assure you. Yet those who run our gurdwaras behave as if the five centuries of progress we have made as Sikhs, leaving behind all the debilitations of the subcontinent, are assets no more, but encumbrances. Many of the people who sit on the boards of our institutions are themselves as well-endowed in wealth and income as this power couple is. Yet, they behave like they’ve learnt little or nothing from their blessings.

What Ratanjit and Dolly do is do-able for all of us. But why aren’t our institutions doing it?

Ratanjit and Dolly need to be seen and heard in the board-rooms of the Sikh Coalition, Saldef, United Sikhs, SikhRI, Ensaaf, and every gurdwara in the land.

We need to learn from them. They are our community assets. We need to embrace them, and those like them.

They are ours. Such community assets need to be drawn into our institutions.

August 28, 2014

Conversation about this article

1: Sangat Singh (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia), August 28, 2014, 2:18 PM.

Must be very tiring to be that perfect. Reminds me of a perfectionist who was aware of it. When a friend frankly told him: "You are conceited," said he: "No, no, that was last year. This year I am perfect". I like the Tom and Hucklberry - a perfect - blend. Let's remember that no one leaves this world alive; at least let's try to go laughing.

2: Ron Guido (New Jersey, USA), August 29, 2014, 11:48 AM.

This article describes the unique treasures known as Ratanjit and Dolly exceptionally well. I have been blessed to know them personally and just recently was hosted by them in their home to discuss the "universal laws" with them. As a recently retired corporate executive with "Johnson & Johnson", I wish I had been exposed to the values and life's lessons espoused by Ratanjit early in my career. But the good news is that it is never too late to learn and share such wisdom with others -- the world is a better place, thanks to these extraordinaries.

3: Chintan Singh (San Jose, California, USA), August 29, 2014, 12:49 PM.

Very inspirational. I have read Ratanjit Singh' biography and his book 'TEA'. His concepts and life living techniques are simple yet easy to follow and implement in daily life. Just like you, Sher, I am boggled with the fact that how come Ratanjit and his wife are removed from the Sikh community and haven't been called to provide their expertise to our gurdwaras, SALDEF, Sikh Coalition, etc. So many of our organizations in the West have been trying to do PR, as a wake up call to the attacks on Sikhs due to mistaken identity after the tragic events of 9/11. Why can't Ratanjit and his wife be tapped into this effort. Regardless of whether or not they directly get involved with the community, they are communicating the essence of the Sikh way of life and being ambassadors of Sikhi by their seva to the whole humanity through their seminars, books, etc. I hope to meet them in person some day.

4: Gurpal (Birmingham, United Kingdom), August 29, 2014, 5:30 PM.

I remember watching Ratanjit on Aastha TV - very inspiring! They look like a stunning and sophisticated couple.

5: Vikram Atmasingh Manco (India), August 30, 2014, 7:08 AM.

The achievements of Dolly and Ratanjit cannot be contained in an article, or justified by words. One has to experience them day by day along the years. It makes me proud to be part of the family that has these two humble 'Greats' amidst us.

6: Sharanjit Singh (New Delhi, India), August 31, 2014, 5:47 AM.

Very nice series. I would suggest the names of Joginder Singh and Jagjit Kaur from Chandigarh who started publishing a Punjabi newspaper "Rozana Spokesman" a few years ago in Punjab and are continuing till date against all odds. They are also trying to create a modern museum-type institution to display Sikh history, without any support from Govt. or Panthic institutions. They have not received a single paisa of advertisement from the Akali Govt. in Punjab so far. Instead, the so-called Panthic Govt. has foisted police cases against them for publishing about matters relevant to Sikhs of today and is misusing the Akal Takht to alienate them from the mainstream Sikhs. The Akali Govt. is trying to harass them in all possible ways. Once you know about them, you would not like to miss them in this series.

7: Cecil Joseph (Hoffman, Illinois, USA), August 31, 2014, 2:46 PM.

As a member of Indian Development Foundation, I had the opportunity to stay and interact with Ratanjit ji and Dolly ji and, as described in the article by T. Sher Singh, they are one of the finest couples I have come across. They are not only an asset to the Sikh community but to the world community as a whole. If the Sikh Community Leaders do not see and utilize such wealth for the benefit of the community, it is due to the lack of foresight and vision. I on my part am a fan of this wonderful couple and I pray God Almighty continues to give them good health for the benefit of society around us.

8: Param K. Singh (Toronto, Ontario, Canada), September 01, 2014, 7:42 AM.

A very nice couple. I have known them for decades. They have done well and hope and pray they keep doing it. Their achievements in life are a prime example of persistence, hard word work and sincerity. Wish them best, always.

9: Teresa Metcalf Beasley (Cleveland, Ohio, USA), September 01, 2014, 8:46 AM.

Although I have know Ratanjit for several years, I am just getting to know him ... and Oneness. I appreciate all that he does in giving back to those around him and following his passions.

10: Ray Somich (Willoughby Hills, Ohio, USA), September 01, 2014, 1:08 PM.

I would first like to thank Sher for "capturing" so many aspects of this truly extraordinary couple, for sharing their story for all to be inspired by, and for recommending that they are a treasure to be valued and appreciated by not only the entire Sikh community but by all mankind. Second, a quick note to the writer of the first comment, Sangat. I know no one who enjoys life and laughs more than Ratanjit. He each day enjoys ultimate fulfillment because he unconditionally serves and gives to others every day. He has no fear of leaving this earth because he became One with every one, whoever has or ever will walk on this earth. I hope that you someday have the gift to experience Ratanjit and Dolly for yourself, and to have your life changed by them. Finally, Sher, although you have described this couple and their lives better than anyone I have ever known, you missed one detail - and maybe the greatest aspect: their LOVE. Every moment they practice Unconditional Love - for each other, friends, family, complete strangers who they immediately make feel like family, the whole world, in fact, and most of all, Love of the One God who unites us all as love itself. Of all their gifts and teachings, this is the greatest of all. Thank you for sharing their story and for allowing me to add these thoughts. May we all know and live Oneness.

11: Bharat Kakumanu (CEO, Venus Pharmaceuticals) (Long Island, New York, USA), September 01, 2014, 2:34 PM.

I feel very fortunate to know Ratnajit. A teacher with a perfect blend of corporate business acumen and spirituality. A role model for budding entrepreneurs. An energetic leader and great motivational speaker. I visited 'Sahil', his home, and spent time with him discussing Oneness and how to help society through industry. I want to give due credit to his wife, Dolly, for being so supportive throughout their journey of ups and downs of life to ultimate success. She has a taste for every thing beautiful. I follow Ratanjit's lessons on Facebook and Twitter. I read his great books like 'TEA: Recipe for stress free living," narrated as simple stories to understand and overcome day to day problems. The other one is "How Oneness Changes Everything," a very candid autobiography with life lessons in a nutshell. An inspiration for our young generation through Oneness. Proud to be associated with this wonderful couple. They are a true asset to our society.

12: Aryeh Leib Lerner (Israel), September 02, 2014, 4:56 AM.

Based on having read this article I tuned in to Ratanjit's site, and it's clear to me that this is someone through whom Sikhi seamlessly lives and breathes. He represents a living example of what we can all be when we understand, to paraphrase Eckhart Tolle, "The Guru is the dancer, and I am the dance." Many thanks, Sher, for pointing out this exceptional individual. May it have the desired effect.

13: Harsh Pabla (Toronto, Ontario, Canada), September 02, 2014, 9:29 AM.

My family and I have been blessed to know Ratanjit ji for several years now. He is a divine soul! I have read his books and applied the Oneness principle in my business and day to day life to keep me focused and grounded. I encourage everyone to meet him personally at least once and find it for yourself. His saint-like figure is full of humility. I remember, every time we go see him to charge our Spiritual and motivational batteries, he himself serves us breakfast from his kitchen. His is the best retreat center I have ever visited where I find myself in the presence of such a pious soul, surrounded by nature. My request to the folks in the Toronto area is to get together and organize a program for Ratanjit ji so people here too can take advantage of his knowledge to live stress free lives.

14: Barbara Marlowe (Concord, Ohio, USA), September 02, 2014, 10:09 AM.

An excellent article that truly captures the essence of this couple. When you are around them, there is such a sense of peace and tranquility - you feel like you are decompressing. So grateful to know and have worked with Ratanjit.

15: Ratanjit Singh Sondhe (Cleveland, Ohio, USA), September 03, 2014, 1:45 PM.

Dolly and I are deeply grateful to Sher for writing such kind words, which I must say we do not deserve. We are also grateful for all the kind and positive comments that were posted here. All we are doing is trying our best to live in Oneness. There is hardly anything amazing or extraordinary about us. We have all the faults, shortcomings and ups-and-downs associated with our human journey. The important thing is that understanding and practicing Oneness has given us peace, harmony and saved us from falling into the traps of the worldly cycle of insecurity, fear, greed and all the problems associated with the ill-conceived ego. Dolly and I both believe Oneness is the ultimate TRUTH that empowers us and sets us free. It is an essential element to minimize our personal stress and it allows us to live our lives to the fullest. What is Oneness? In Albert Einstein's words: "A person experiences life as something separate from the rest -- a kind of optical delusion of consciousness. Our task must be to free ourselves from this self-imposed prison, and through compassion, to find the reality of Oneness."

16: Kai LaShawn (Macedonia), September 03, 2014, 3:31 PM.

You are amazing ... I say this from personal experience and not just from reading this article. Having learnt from you and researched it, I have developed consciousness around the concept of Oneness. Since having you in my life you have shown me the reality of that idea and the importance and relativity as it relates to all I do, say and believe. I simply love you and your wife. Her quiet, wise presence personifies grace and beauty and to you a perfect complement! Thank you also for the lesson of unconditional gratitude. So honored to exist in the same time and space, and I pray that your teachings continue to permeate the earth.

17: Stuart Muszynski  (Cleveland, Ohio, USA), September 03, 2014, 5:35 PM.

I am honored to know Ratanjit and Dolly and concur with this article. Their lives are of sharing and caring, reaching out to make the world better and offering their resources and wisdom as sustainable contributions. They weave a fabric of goodness through all their relationships. The Oneness paradigm Ratanjit advocates can indeed change the world. Every business leader would benefit from listening.

18: Gita and Ken Mehta (Pepper Pike, Ohio, USA), September 05, 2014, 8:35 PM.

We would like to sincerely thank T. Sher Singh for accurately painting a true picture of Dolly and Ratanjit Singh. Every time we talk to them or visit them, we are in awe and are convinced that there is such a thing as a 'perfect couple.' Ratanjit's knowledge and thought process are akin to a swami, but he does not want to be addressed like that because of his humble and friendly nature. He is an incredible thinker and has the uncanny ability to look at things differently and analyze them differently for possible solutions than most people do, so much so, that a person has to really concentrate to get in his line of thinking to truly understand his message. Admittedly, for us, he is much easier to communicate and understand as we are very fortunate to have known them for several years. Even during his normal conversations with his easy mannerisms and humble nature, unknowingly, he will pitch some pearls of wisdom for you to catch. And we agree that we have yet to meet a more sophisticated, tasteful, modest, meticulous, perfectionist, grateful, soft-spoken and warm lady like Dolly. She sets the bar very high for any man or woman to achieve. They truly are two Extraordinaries.

19: Irvinder Singh Babra (Brampton, Ontario, Canada), September 06, 2014, 11:34 PM.

Sher has done an excellent reporting on this wonderful Sikh couple, Ratanjit and Dolly. Ratanjit, risen from the chemical and academic world to riches, is an extraordinary man in America. Having done it all against many odds, is a feat on it's own. And the article here captures his spirit. I had spoken to him some time back, the comments are fabulous, and I believe the humility written on his face stays.

20: Peter and Debbie DiBlasi (Chagrin Falls, Ohio, USA ), September 07, 2014, 1:40 PM.

Beautiful article! We know Ratanjit and Dolly as friends and they are one of the most generous and kind couples we know! Continued good health and good life to their entire family!

21: Dr Eiizabeth K Balraj [Former Coroner Of Cuyahoga County]  (Solon, Ohio, USA), September 07, 2014, 9:03 PM.

I wish to commend the author for this excellent article. My husband and I have known Ratanjit and Dolly for many years. Though together they have accomplished a lot they are always humble and unassuming. They compliment each other and spiritually strengthen each other. It is people like Ratanjit and Dolly who make this world a better place to live in. We consider ourselves fortunate to have known them and hope more people get to know them and follow their example.

22: Amardeep Kaur Nijjar (North Royalton, Ohio, USA), September 09, 2014, 7:17 AM.

Knowing Ratanjit Vir ji and Dolly these past few decades has been an honor and a privilege. Their unconditional love and support for the Sikh community and the larger local community has been a true blessing. Together, they exemplify the pillars of humanity, journeying to achieve Oneness.

23: Deanne Nowak (Gates Mills, Ohio, USA), September 11, 2014, 12:33 PM.

Ratanjit was kind enough to spend an evening two years ago speaking to a group of students and parents at Gilmour Academy. We invited him to discuss his experiences as an entrepreneur and he gave so much more. Ratanjit is a kind, generous and wise man of great integrity. His firm values are woven consistently into every aspect of his life. A colleague visited his studio and she could not say enough about how welcome she felt by both Ratanjit and Dolly. I have not yet had the opportunity to meet Dolly, but was not surprised by the description in the article. We are blessed to have such an inspirational couple in our community.

24: Harinder Pal Singh (Solan, Himachal Pradesh, India), September 12, 2014, 1:08 PM.

I feel privileged and honored to know this couple through Facebook for a couple of years now, and this article is a treatise on hums life's struggle for a great paradigm shift to make fellow humans believe about the paradigm of possibilities removing the word 'impossible" from the dictionary of the human thought process. Ratanjit's daily posts on Facebook about the 'Oneness' in the design of the so diverse creation in the Cosmos, shows his deep insight into the process of creation and through this diversity of creation, his real state of mind experiencing the ultimate truth behind the creative process whom the different religions gave different names but it remains 'ONE' ultimate reality, which only realized souls like this gursikh couple can visualize. I would definitely like to go through their lived experience in the Oneness paradigm of life, recorded in the shape of books and would like to have this paradigm shift in my life too, a journey I started by following Guru Granth Sahib and confirmed by Ratanjit, having experienced it, tasted it, lived it and now being spread for the fellow humanity's salvation being one with the ultimate Oneness.

25: Sanjiv Singh Sidhu (Dallas, Texas, USA), September 12, 2014, 2:02 PM.

I had the honor of working at Poly Carb, straight out of college. I shall be forever grateful for this amazing opportunity to work with S. Ratanjit Singh and Dolly ji and be part of the Poly Carb family. What I learned helped me be a better person and a better entrepreneur.

26: Dr Hiro Badlani (Cerritos, California, USA), September 12, 2014, 7:54 PM.

My best wishes to this grand couple who together are a great inspiration for many others. They have truly adopted the Sikh way of life: combining the oriental dedication to the pursuit of spiritual values in retirement years, with the western approach, and a touch of sophistication to boot. I sincerely admire this handsome couple for achieving what may be said is 'best of both the worlds.'

27: Manjeet Shergill (Singapore), September 13, 2014, 4:02 PM.

Wish there were more visuals to the article.

28: Sudarshan Sathe (Cleveland, Ohio, USA), September 14, 2014, 12:10 PM.

Like Sanjiv Sidhu, who has commented earlier, I, too, am an alumnus of the Poly Carb University. I call it "University" because far from being merely a place of work, it was a place of learning. I joined Poly Carb after two years of graduate school, a callow young man who needed to learn a lot from both the work and social aspects. I not only learnt a lot then, but have continued to be mentored by Ratanjit ji and Dolly. I think it would be a mistake to call them a "pair" because really, they are one. It is impossible to imagine one without the other. The description of how everything was perfect during the author's visit to the Leadership training is exactly on the mark and utterly without exaggeration. Everyone who visits their house experiences it, even if they may not be able to describe it as articulately as the author did. Ratanjit ji's teaching on "Oneness" can be a paradigm shift for the world, because the currently reigning philosophy of "market economy" focuses on the good of a finite unit, be it a company or individual, often at the expense of the whole. Ratanjit ji is rightly focusing on habits for success rather than just the knowledge for success. My entire family and I are truly blessed to know them and to be continuing to learn from them.

29: Vinny Gupta [Chairman, Ohio Board of Regents] (Wadsworth, Ohio, USA), September 14, 2014, 3:47 PM.

I am very grateful to you for writing this article. You have described the couple perfectly. I have met many people that have amassed a fortune, but very rarely do you find somebody like Ratanjit. First of all, his knowledge is extraordinary, his grasp of human mankind and nature is right on spot. He never refuses to help a needy person once he is convinced that it is the right cause and will help society. His deep affection for diversity and to help cure some ills of needy people is amazing. I have been very fortunate to associate with him for over 20+ years. Every time I go to his place, it is a mecca for all of us. I end up spending two to three hours. Every single time I come out by learning something new. He is a breath of fresh air. I look for the opportunity to be with him so I can learn from his behavior and demeanor. In addition to the above, he is also probably one of the best dressed persons I have met. We have requested at times to host a gathering for public officials at his house. He does it with such grace and humility. He never leaves anything to chance. We never have to worry about something not being right. It is rare that you come across a person of his calibre, humble and above all, a very caring individual.

30: Amarjit Singh Duggal (Atlanta, Georgia, USA), September 15, 2014, 11:53 AM.

Very beautifully written by T. Sher Singh ji. Congratulations, again! An article that needs to become a benchmark, an article that sheds light on the real meaning of religion and practicing it -- making it a way of life. I was introduced to Ratanjit Singh by another very practical and lovely human being named Surinder Kaushal of Palatine, Chicago. Since than, I have been constantly inspired by his quotes and daily updates. In the beginning, I was a little nervous to focus on Oneness as the final goal or outcome, and as I got to understand the real meaning of the concept, the truth settled soon. Guru Nanak's words, "Truth is high, but higher still is truthful living," is his approach. Appreciating the creativity, and being part of it, is another theme that flows out of his daily messages. A win-win attitude is the hallmark of his overall philosophy. Recognizing worldly attachments as a hindrance to the overall happiness of a human being, is the core truth preached by the Sikh Gurus and other noble souls as well. Ratanjit Singh clearly is truly Guru Nanak's follower. If Sikhs want their religion to be very well known and easy to adopt as a way of life, as well as followed widely, we need to make him a voice of the Sikh community. He will represent Sikhi in a updated, upbeat manner that few others today have been able to accomplish. I myself have a dream to play a role in it.

31: Sandra Bishop (Cleveland, Ohio, USA), September 15, 2014, 4:13 PM.

What a wonderful article about a wonderful couple. They truly practice what they preach. Like most of the comments here, I have been honored to experience this generosity of spirit and all-embracing love. I am inspired by what I have learned from them. Continued blessings ...

32: Rita N. Singh Raghuvanshi (Cleveland, Ohio, USA), September 17, 2014, 5:54 PM.

Thanks for sharing the story of two people for whom I have so much regard and respect from the core of my heart. I consider S. Ratanjit Singh ji a pillar of our community, down to earth and very wise. He is my mentor who I look up to. He silently does things behind the scenes without any expectations and rewards. Dolly is very kind and intelligent and a great cook. I am so thankful to know them both and to call them our friends.

33: Elizabeth Gladkowski (Toronto, Ontario, Canada), September 21, 2014, 12:53 AM.

I feel privileged and honored to know Ratanjit Singh Sondhe through Facebook for a couple of years now. Since then I have constantly been comforted and inspired by his quotes and daily updates which are full of wisdom and great integrity. The paradigm of Oneness Ratanjit advocates presents the firm values deeply rooted in human nature as ONE with the NATURAL world. Advocating Oneness and living in the reality of Oneness is extraordinary, and it is also the way to changing (healing) the world to a stress-free and loving place.

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