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Living Sikhi, Lesson Nine





Teachers: This is a good time to assess, not only the progress your students have made in acquiring knowledge, but also how well you are doing as a teacher. Ask yourself the following questions:

Are the students paying attention? If so, great! If not, what may be causing the problem?

a   Are the lessons over their heads; then modify them using simpler vocabulary and make fewer demands conceptually on some students. (Usually we find a wide range of ablities and ages in the Khalsa school. We should not penalize students for this. All should be helped to feel adequate by our methods and encouragement. At the same time older or brighter students may be challenged by making some of the following extra credit questions on exams or give them a special project to complete.)

b   Are some students needing extra attention? Are they shy or are they misbehaving? (Sometimes kids act out for a variety of reasons. They are motivated by boredom, defiance, shame of their own abilities, need for approval or attention. A good teacher will try to bring out the best in a student by asking them for their opinion, asking them to help another pupil, make something, or to tell a story.)

c  How much background do your students have in Sikh history? Do they know the names of the Gurus? Do they know the Mool Mantar? (If not, contact the parents, make a handout and give these students time to catch up at home.)

Decide which questions you will give for extra credit and designate them as such. Then make two copies of these questions for each student. On one paper, have the students fill in the answers in class (week 9). Begin with the last questions, so that if there is not time to finish, parents will be able to help students. Please stick to the definitions given in the previous lessons. Students should study and be ready for a test on the same questions and answers in class the following week (# 10).

Ask the students to say the Sikh greeting with you; then fold hands and do simran with the students.


1   In what year was Guru Nanak born?


2  In what town and country (current) was he born?


3  What were his parents' names?


4  What was his sister's name?


5  What was the religion of Nanak's parents?


6  What was the name of the owner of Nanak's town?


7  What was his religion?


8  What three languages did Nanak know? Who were his teachers for these languages?

      Language                               Teacher





9  Nanak learned from watching nature. Too much or too little is not good for us. We need  b_  _ _ _ _ _ and m_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ n in our lives.

10  Why did Nanak treat everyone like members of his own family?

11  Why do we pray to God?

12  By what name do Sikhs call God?

13  What does this name mean?

14  What does the word "Sikh" mean?

15  Name one way Sikhs learn about God? (Many answers are correct.)

16  What is the name of the Sikh's holy book/ scripture?

17  When we do simran, why do we put our hands together?

18  What does it mean when you have a "pure" heart?

19  To stop most bullies who are teasing you, what do you say?

20  If a bully does not stop or threatens to harm you, what do you do?

21  Complete this sentence: "I will do my best and leave ...

22  Before we fall asleep at night, it is good thing to think of the mistakes we have made that day so that the next day we can

      (fill in)...............................................................

23  Fill in the blank: "When we pay attention, we learn to d _ _ _ _ _ _  true qualities like Rai Bhular did when he saw the cobra.

24  Nanak made a good bargain because he knew what was more important than making money. What was it?

25  Write one thing that you could do this week that would be a good bargain.


Shabad: Keeta lori-ay kumm so har pay akhee-ay 

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Living Sikhi, Lesson Nine"

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