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Jakara: Lighting Sparks of Sikhi (1.00)

"I think it's kind of amazing," said Nurkamal Kaur, 7. "We have competitions and we play games and we learn neat things about the gurdwara."

Waiting for Superman (1.00)

We have all said: "Someone should teach a class, someone should organize a presentation." Who is this someone?

Khushwant Singh's Last Hurrah? (1.00)

He has lost count of the number of books he has written so far. "For God's sake, I am 96 (years)," he says.

Anad Foundation Honours Punjabi Poets (1.00)

The Anād Kāv Sanmān for the year 2009-2010 is being jointly conferred upon Sikh-Canadian sibling poets, Navtej Singh Bharati and Ajmer Singh Rode.

A New Sikh Festival Charms Los Angeles (1.00)

We have to build on our strengths and in solidarity on ideas that matter and make a difference. As Fauja Singh says: "Impossible is Nothing!"

Young Sikh Professionals Strengthen EcoSikh (1.00)

They hope to launch a global ecological movement with several diverse initiatives on behalf of the global Sikh community.

International Seminar: The Pluralistic Vision in Guru Granth Sahib (1.00)

A three-day seminar in New Delhi in December will explore a few aspects of the interfaith nature of The Guru Granth Sahib.

Brar Bells: Sunny Kaur Follows Her Bliss ... Into The Olympics (1.00)

The 25-year-old has ditched her job as a real estate agent to put all her effort into going for gold in 2012.

Punjab and India Need Paramjit Kaur Khalra’s Voice in Parliament (1.00)

Her husband was a human-rights defender until he was abducted and killed in turn. Ever since, she has stood by the unseen victims of Punjab's police encounters.