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Darbar Sahib: My Favourite Place in the World (1.00)

I clearly remember my first trip. It was on a hot June day that I found myself standing in the long queue at the threshold, waiting to go inside.

Inter-Faith Dialogue (1.00)

"Racial differences once formed the basis of prejudice in Britain, but  ... religion now plays a more important role."

Inni Kaur's Journey With The Gurus (1.00)

I found the tone of the dialogue refreshing and quite different from what I've read before or would have expected ...

Anandpur Sahib: Haven of Bliss (1.00)

Guru Tegh Bahadar spent many years here, both before and after he became Guru. This is from where he set out on his final journey to martyrdom in Delhi.

Where Have All The Young Men of Punjab Gone? (1.00)

There are no young men in the narrow, dusty streets of the villages. None hanging out in the square. No young men anywhere.

Disney, Barbie, Dora? Here's an Alternative! (1.00)

Three women from diverse backgrounds have come together to create this interactive space for families and develop resources for parents.

My Mother is a Buddhist, My Father a Born-again Christian, My Twin Sister is Sikh - Who Am I? (1.00)

She tells me that she was looking for ‘something higher than herself'.

The Eagle Eye of Ranjit Singh (1.00)

... With one eye you can guarantee peace/ Entrench justice, defend the weak/ Muster history/ Design and master weaponry ...

The Symbolic Turban? The Roundtable Open Forum # 53 (1.00)

Dastaar Bandhi has rightly evolved into a meaningful rite of maturity for Sikh boys. Would then any young Sikh be entitled to the same joyful public ceremony?

"When Did You Know?" (1.00)

Since the publication of my book, Journey with the Gurus, the one question I get asked repeatedly is, "When did you know you wanted to be a writer?"