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Of Bandages & Baseball Caps: Obama At The Crossroads (1.00)

It is not a privilege for Harmandar Sahib or the Sikhs en masse to have anyone visit it ... rather, it is a privilege for any and every soul who comes.

Ardaas: Philosophy, Form & Practice The Talking Stick Colloquium # 33, October 25 - 31 (1.00)

Until I read Dr. Jaswant Singh Neki's book, Ardaas: Darshan, Roop, Abhiyas some years ago, I had never paid much attention to the ardaas.

Fear None, Frighten None: The Life of Giani Harinder Singh (1.00)

I learnt from him the true distinction between those who are mahqum (slave) and those who are azaad (free).

Thundering Words: The Martial Language of Nihangs (1.00)

Bolay, words which form part of the Nihang dialect, historically served militaristic and psychological purposes.

Oh God! How I Wish ... (1.00)

When I pray, I pray to God in the presence of Guru Granth Sahib, and invoke the blessings of the other Gurus as well.

The Month of Kattak [October 15 - November 13] (1.00)

" ... Lamp of wisdom/ Lit in poise/ With the oil ofSpirit/ Kindles/ Loving devotion/ Pours in/ Radiance of union/ Emanates ..."

Ajay Singh Banga: Who Needs Cash (Or Borders)? (1.00)

"[ His being] a Sikh has ultimately worked to his advantage ... People look at him and say: ‘He wears a turban and he made it to the top. He must be extraordinarily gifted.' "

Darbar Sahib: My Favourite Place in the World (1.00)

I clearly remember my first trip. It was on a hot June day that I found myself standing in the long queue at the threshold, waiting to go inside.

Inter-Faith Dialogue (1.00)

"Racial differences once formed the basis of prejudice in Britain, but  ... religion now plays a more important role."

Inni Kaur's Journey With The Gurus (1.00)

I found the tone of the dialogue refreshing and quite different from what I've read before or would have expected ...