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Ek Ong Kaar is a writer, a minister of Sikh Dharma and a teacher of Kundalini Yoga, living in New Mexico, USA. She is a business and communications consultant for business owners, groups and individuals.

Walking To The Edge Of The Precipice … And Back:
An Essay On Suicide EK ONG KAAR KAUR

Losing the will to breathe: reframing our understanding of the suicidal urge.

The Knot:

I met him as a teenager in high school. He was COOOOL.

Light In The Shadows EK ONG KAAR KAUR

It was a nightmare that no amount of therapy or self-help groups could wake me from.

A Dream of Roses EK ONG KAAR KAUR

The double-edged sword of truth has to cut both ways.

The Glass House:
Letters From Espanola EK ONG KAAR KAUR

I live inside it, capable of seeing everything that goes on around me ...

Life Partner:
Letters From Espanola EK ONG KAAR KAUR

He said, "I am of a marriageable age. How do I go about choosing a partner?"

The Doer Interpreted by EK ONG KAAR KAUR

"You are the Doer within the life of every being ... Who else is there to perceive?"

The Seed & The Plant EK ONG KAAR KAUR

Every seed has a chance. But not every seed makes it. It is true in the garden. It is true in society.

Beyond Race:
Letters From Espanola EK ONG KAAR KAUR

When we talk about race, I consider it code for genetic territorial memory. Who do we join forces with and who do we betray ...?

A Mother & Her Prayer:
Letters From Espanola EK ONG KAAR KAUR

A powerful reminder that the words and thoughts of the mother help shape the world.

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