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Within the parameters outlined herein, we welcome one and all, because we all share the same goals.

Day Ten …
In Chandigarh, Punjab -
The Garden of Phulkaris KAREN-EMMA WHITE

Phulkari means ‘flower work’ and originated as the Punjabi term for embroidery.

Survivors of 1984:
The Chic Sikhs Of The Year 2014 EDITOR

We pray that their strength will become ours, their inspiration our guiding light ...

It’s Time To Make Your Choice For
The Chic Sikh of The Year 2014 EDITOR

We invite you to post your choice in the COMMENT section, beneath this article.

Please Note

Normal postings on will resume in a day or two. The editor, though otherwise hale and hearty, has been under the weather ...

The Lost Girls are All My Daughters G P Singh

Sorry, Congress, but that moment of silence isn't going to bring the girls back.

The Chic Sikhs of The Year 2013:
Waris Singh Ahluwalia
Gurbaksh Singh EDITOR

An inspiration to young and old, Sikh and non-Sikh ...

Who Stands Out This Year?
Who is The CHIC SIKH of the Year 2013? EDITOR

We invite you to post your choice(s) in order to help choose the winner.

Our New
Sikh Portrait Gallery EDITOR

It'll be curated by Sikh-Briton Punjabi poet, Amarjit Singh Chandan.

The Chic Sikh of the Year 2012:
Lt Brian Murphy of the Oak Creek Police Force EDITOR

Lt Murphy confronted the killer who then riddled him with 15 bullets.

It is Time to Pick The Chic Sikh of the Year 2012:
Who is Your Choice? EDITOR

This year has been a landmark one in which so many have made their mark.

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