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Mango Diplomacy by NOOR JAVED

"I got busted. They didn't even tell me they took them away. I only realized when I went back to the car."

My Adventures in Yogurt by MICHELE GIBSON

I now had the secret, a simple method for making yogurt without a fancy contraption. I possessed the knowledge.

Punjabi Tarrka by JASPREET NIJHER

"The Punjabi palate is extremely sophisticated owing to the fact that Punjabis are very well travelled."

Tastes of Amritsar by ANOOTHI VISHAL

If you like hearty, rustic flavours, there can be no city to match Amritsar!

Calling All Greens! by VERONICA SIDHU

Traditionally eaten with makki di roti (corn flatbread), it's also good with naan or phulkas (whole-wheat flatbread).

Harvindar Singh: He Scouts For Whole Foods by LIANA B. BAKER

"My job is to go out there and find the best local products," says Harvindar Singh, 39 years old.

Mango Kulfi A Recipe by Master-Chef TONY SINGH

He is the Scottish chef and restauranteur behind Edinburgh's famous Tony's Table and the classic Oloroso restaurants.

Daal Makhni & Tandoori Murg: In The Swiss Alps by SHRUTI SETIA CHHABRA

Two brothers from Rajpura - Mann Singh and Harbinder Singh - have set up Tandoor Haus in the Swiss capital of Zurich.

My New Parauntha Recipe by VERONICA SIDHU

Serve it for breakfast, lunch or dinner the Punjabi way: wirh plain yougurt, red onion slices, a pat of butter and Punjabi pickle.

Vegetarianism and I by GURUJOT SINGH

I think of the Native Americans and Innuit and so many other traditions that eat meat, but do it in a spiritual way.

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