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Life in a Churn by SHUBHRA KRISHAN

A teardrop slides down Santosh Kaur’s rosy cheeks as she recalls how much her husband Lakhan Singh loves chickpeas the way she makes them.


According to a new study, eating about half a cup of nuts each day can help people with diabetes lower their blood glucose and cholesterol levels.

Brunch With Bebe Ji by VERONICA "RANI" SIDHU

The fun of making griddlecakes is that older children can join in making them. But don’t wait for guests to make them - the griddlecakes double as a quick, simple supper.

Homegrown Mangoes TIMES OF INDIA

The juicy fruit is the result of herculean efforts put in by retired armyman Gurbachan Singh Chhatwal, 85, and his wife Satwant Kaur, 80.

Chill Out With This Hot Raita by PUSHPESH PANT

Besanmirch and dahi, the time-tested trio to combat summer heat, join hands to make a dish that is colourful and easy to prepare.

Sarson ke Aaloo by PUSHPESH PANT

Cut the potatoes into eight pieces. Heat the oil in a karrahi. When it reaches smoking point, add mustard seeds. When the seeds begin to crackle, add tomatoes ...

The Vegetarian Option: Punjabi Deli by HOWARD WALFISH

It represents what makes New York such an exciting place to live. It's a restaurant that would feel at home on the streets of Punjab, and yet exists in the East Village of Manhattan.

Cool As A Cucumber by PUSHPESH PANT

Fashion two boats out of kukkrri and scoop out the seeds. Pack the hollows with hung yogurt, enrich it with a spoonful of healthy oats ...

Methi: A Wondrous Herb & Spice by VERONICA "RANI" SIDHU

Called fenugreek in English and so often used in Punjabi cooking, it is a well-recognized natural remedy to decrease insulin resistance.

The Tandoor: No Longer Just a Punjabi Oven by STEVEN RAICHLEN

The center of tandoori cooking is Punjab, particularly in the area referred to as the Northwest Frontier. A wave of Sikh and Punjabi refugees brought the oven to Delhi.

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