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Straight From The Hearth by AMRITA CHAUDHRY

“The woman of the house is the one who looks after the health of the entire family. Why should this be limited to only cooking and why not begin with cultivation of vegetables?"

A Tall Glass Of Lassi RADHIKA

It's that time of the year again ... and it calls for that great Punjabi drink which refreshes, fills and invigorates. Here's a quick step-by-step to do it just right.

Punjabi Chicken Masala

I make this Punjabi chicken recipe regularly as it goes very well with any kind of Punjabi flat bread or mildly spiced rice or palao.

Reviving Traditional Punjabi Cuisine by SWATI GOEL SHARMA

Not many youngsters know 'choori', comprising of paranthas, broken up and mixed with shakkar and ghee, was what their parents grew up relishing.

Rice With Punjabi-Style Mushrooms by BAL ARNESON

Every time I go to a farmers’ market, I think I must be in heaven. So many fresh vegetables, and so many strange-looking mushrooms!

Mindful Eating:
Food For Thought ... And Vice Versa by JEFF GORDINIER

Mindful eating is not a diet, or about giving up anything at all. It’s about experiencing food more intensely - especially the pleasure of it.

The Old Man And The Punjabi Pinni by KHUSHWANT SINGH (Chandigarh)

"Whenever I go for a marathon run or for an athletic event in Europe, the media keeps chasing me and asks me the mantra to stay fit. I tell them about the nutritious pinnis."

Punjab: Where People Live to Eat by ROSALIA SCALIA

Although I visit only a handful of cities in Punjab, I definitely eat my way through them and find myself wishing I could eat my way through the entire subcontinent.

Of Gooseberries & Mr. Singh, The Punjabi Cook by ROBYN ECKHARDT

His kitchen is spotless. Walking into the gurdwara on a Friday afternoon, we're encloaked in an intense fugue of spices ... Stainless steel gleams and light bounces off pristine white tiles.

Women on a Mission:
Punjab'n De Rasoi by JOANNA BLYTHMAN

We could taste the feminine touch in the pakoras and the samosa, which were in another league from the greasy, heavy offerings that often bear that name.

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