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Sikh-American Marathoners Follow Fauja Singh Footsteps:
New York Marathon on Sunday, Nov 2 JOHN HANC

The Surat Fauj Running Club now has 10 chapters in various locations, including Boston, Chicago, Detroit, San Antonio, and San Francisco.


FIBA is somehow still stuck considering the harmless - yet important - piece of cloth a 'threat' to safety.

Sikh-Canadian Basketball Star Sim Singh Bhullar Signs Up With NBA For Sacramento Kings ASSOCIATED PRESS

The 7-foot-5, 360-pound Sim Bhullar was born in Toronto and played two seasons for New Mexico State.

Dangerous Patkas & Turbans? JOHN WALTERS, Newsweek

The most recent headgear controversy in athletics concerns a sport that may surprise you. Basketball.

Here We Go Again:
Now Basketball Bureaucrats Get All Tangled Up In Sikh Stars’ Turbans KARAN MADHOK

For the first time, FIBA officials at the Japan-India game decided to invoke FIBA's "No Headgear" rule ...

Sikh-Aussie Wrestler To Represent Australia Internationally:
Rupinder Kaur NEWS REPORT

At this year's Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, Scotland, in July and August.

Basketball Giant
Sim Singh Bhullar RACHEL BRADY

Cameras followed Sim around to capture the sheer size of the man among his surroundings.

Lost in The Australian Wilderness:
Sikh-Canadian Hiker Prabhdeep Singh Srawn RICKY FRENCH

I sit on a smooth rock, an entire continent laid out below me. There is no wind. No sound ...

Because It Is Fun:
The Sikh Runners of Long Island, New York JOHN HANC

A contingent of Sikh-American runners from Queens and western Nassau will participate in Sunday's events.

Basketball Mom:

It wasn't until her four sons took an interest in the game that she herself decided to get back on the court.

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