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The Lion Hearts:
Sikhs Defeat British Team to Win Saragarhi Polo Cup by AJEYO BASU

The Saragarhi Polo Challenge Cup commemorates the bravery of 21 Sikh soldiers who fought to defend their post to the last man against 10,000 Afghan tribesmen a century ago.

Gatka Morphs Into Extreme Sport by MARGHERITA STANCATI & JOSH CHIN

On YouTube, it now has close to four million views. But the seven-minute video, edited from a televised talent show performance, is not for the faint of heart.

Sikh Athletes, Spectators Wearing Kirpans Welcomed to London 2012 Olympics by ALAN BALDWIN

Any Sikh who is fully observant of the Five Kakaars of the Khalsa discipline will have no difficulty in attending the Games.

Who, What, Why:
How Can a 100-yr Old Run a Marathon? BBC

"[Fauja Singh] is definitely a unique individual - not like any patient I have ever taken," says Dr Brangman, who is Chief of Geriatric Medicine at Upstate Medical University, Syracuse, New York.

Marathon Man:
Fauja Singh Wows The World CANADIAN PRESS

"He said he achieved this through the help of God but even God must be getting fed up of helping him," Harmander Singh said, drawing chuckles from assembled media after the race.

Turbaned Tornado in Toronto: Eight New World Records by JAMES CHRISTIE

On Sunday, for the grand finale, he’ll start his slow, deliberate run at the end of one of three waves of a total of about 20,000 runners in the marathon, half-marathon and 5-km runs.

Ready For A Slew Of New Records:
Fauja Singh Arrives In Toronto For Marathon by LAURA STONE

At an age where having a healthy mind is itself a feat of strength, Singh the competitor is in remarkable - borderline miraculous - physical shape.

Sirjaut Kaur: Sikh-American Field-Hockey Star Stands Tall by LAKHPREET KAUR

“When the season started and the team saw me doing my joorra, they said, ‘Oh my God! Your hair is so long!' I told them it was a part of my religion and they said ‘Oh, wow! That’s so cool!’

The Indefatigable Spirit of a 100-year Old Marathoner: Fauja Singh by LORI EWING

“We do not need medical staff, trust me,” said Harmander Singh, the marathoner's coach, friend and sometimes-interpreter. “They couldn't keep up anyway.”

Toronto Challo!
Let's Go To Toronto! NEWS REPORT

Sardar Fauja Singh and his Sikhs In The City team will be visiting Toronto between 12 and 18 October, 2011, to take part in the City's Waterfront Marathon Series.

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