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Rabbi Returns: Rabbi Shergill Releases New Album - "III" by SOMYA LAKHANI

The album stays true to Shergill’s style and soul; just like his two previous albums, this too is a reflection of issues that are close to his heart.

Hargobind 'Hargo' Singh Becomes The Last Artist To Work With Notorious But Talented Music-Producer Phil Spector by CAMERON MATTHEWS

"I just dropped my son off outside the house of a guy who's about to be on trial for murder ..."

Bursts of Song and Music Help Revive Bhai Baldeep Singh's Qila Sarai by VANDANA SHUKLA

She plays the taus, until recently an almost extinct stringed instrument, originally played by the Sikh Gurus. Geographical distance from her cultural moorings does not deter her.

A New Album From Satinder Singh Sartaaj by JASKIRAN KAPOOR

"Sartaaj Live: Lafza da Haan da" is his third album after Sartaaj and Cheeray Vaala Sartaaj, and this one pays tribute to his alma mater, Panjab University.

The Bard Divine by Dr. BALBIR SINGH, Translated from Punjabi & Edited by SANGAT SINGH

Describing Guru Nanak’s visit to Baghdad, Bhai Gurdas wrote how his divine song had an electric effect on the residents of the city where music had been banned.

Rabbi Shergill's Punjabi Rock 'n' Roll & Funk by IBN LIVE

“Sufi is a misnomer for my music. I have just sung one Sufi song! My music is ‘rock and roll’ and ‘funk’ and I always keep thinking of ways to implement the funk into them.”

Gurbani Kirtan: The Unique Role of Spiritual Song & Music in Sikhi by CHARLES M. TOWNSEND

The author finds that kirtan is a point of religio-cultural pride that creates a sense of uniqueness among Sikhs everywhere, enabling them to confirm their identity. 


In Selfless Service of Music:
Weber Iago's Music Seva by PAUL FREEMAN

"As an artist, my desire, as much as it is to present good music, things that are technically and artistically evolved, is also ... to convey a message to society."

Ruined It For Me by T. SHER SINGH

The first thing I ever heard by him was the multi-faith invocation that has now become his trade-mark - wherein he beautifully, accurately and respectfully renders the credal chants from the world’s major religions.

Sikh-American Teenager Raps Against Bullying by NIKITA GARIA

Experts agree that the bullying of Asian Americans, and South Asians in particular, is a major problem in the U.S. and say that 9/11 contributed to an increase in the phenomenon in recent years.

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