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I Bear Witness ... SARBPREET SINGH

They tore my flesh spit out my blood / And yet each time from the dust I rose / My wounds were gone my body whole ...

If I Had My Life To Live Over ... ERMA BOMBECK

I would have gone to bed when I was sick instead of pretending the earth would go into a holding pattern if I weren't there ...

After a Genocide in Delhi A Poem by JASPREET SINGH

" ... how long does it take / for rubber to burn fully? / Does it burn slower than a human body? ..."

The Seeds of Freedom:
Jallianwala Bagh,
Amritsar, 13 April, 1919 KHUSHVEER SINGH DHILLON

"An act of pointless violence, / Affected everyone ..."

Smudges of History PARVINDER MEHTA

"... traces of hushed memories, / whisper repressed stories and / invisible apparitions peck from / a slanted gaze ..."

Guru Gobind Singh and The Sword of Righteousness:

"The mantle on my shoulders sits / I take the righteous path; it fits ..."

Bhai Vir Singh and The Vale of Kashmir RAJINDER KAUR BALI

"It is God who lives in everyone ... Who then do you recognise as God?"


"The silent streets / Unmetalled with / Compassion / Strewn with jagged / Broken pieces of / Hatred ..." 

A Tale of Two Cities:
Carnage in Kishinev, Butchery in Delhi SARBPREET SINGH

"It is the tongue of every ghost / Of every maid and every crone / Of every mother and every child ..."

Another 'Ode' to Indian Nationalism SARBPREET SINGH

"Naked you stand in the harsh light / Avarice, hatred your eyes reveal ..."

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