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The Universe's Daughter JASKEERAT KAUR GILL

“To get your life on track, / Plant trees more and more …”

Operation BlueStar A Poem by MICHELE GIBSON

'Blue Star' is the name given by astronomers to giant, aging stars which explode and become large, black holes. 

June 1984:
I Was Kneading Bread A Poem by MICHELE GIBSON

" A continent away. A woman, not much older,/ Was plotting military strategy ..."

June 1984 A Poem by MICHELE GIBSON

"Blood is murky and opaque, / It darkens history / Perverts humanity ..."

Tiny Being A Poem by MICHELE GIBSON

"Scripture she sang to you/ Scripture she bathed you in/ Every hour,/ In a voice so fair the Gurus heard their history ..."

Sikh-Briton Jaspreet Kaur And The Spoken Word ELLEN SCOTT

She’s tough. She’s no holds barred. Her way of tackling the tough stuff? Spoken word poetry.

A ‘Ballad’, A ‘Story-Poem’ JASPREET SINGH

"Each time he sights a ship / passing into absence / Blood comes out of his nose ..."

Surrender Of Self:

“Where no one is superior nor deemed inferior …”

Canada’s Total Poetry Book Sales Rose 79% -
Credited To Rupi Kaur’s Worldwide Bestseller, ’milk and honey’ SUE CARTER

Her poetry collection has surpassed 1 million copies sold.

Rupi Kaur’s Bestseller Poetry Turned Into Stage Play BROOKE McAFEE

In the small theater, a woman cried onstage as she leaned against a stack of blocks.

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