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Bhai Vir Singh and The Vale of Kashmir RAJINDER KAUR BALI

"It is God who lives in everyone ... Who then do you recognise as God?"


"The silent streets / Unmetalled with / Compassion / Strewn with jagged / Broken pieces of / Hatred ..." 

A Tale of Two Cities:
Carnage in Kishinev, Butchery in Delhi SARBPREET SINGH

"It is the tongue of every ghost / Of every maid and every crone / Of every mother and every child ..."

Another 'Ode' to Indian Nationalism SARBPREET SINGH

"Naked you stand in the harsh light / Avarice, hatred your eyes reveal ..."

An 'Ode' to Indian Nationalism SARBPREET SINGH

I have washed the shame / Of a million frenzied couplings / Off your body and your clothes ...

Dilli Darshan:
The Killing Fields of Delhi SARBPREET SINGH

"Veer, I say / That is not your Dilli / Or mine ..."

Heer Ranjha:
The Epic Love-poem by Bulley Shah Translated from Punjabi by FAZEEL AZEEZ CHAUHAN

"Call me Ranjha now / No one need call me Heer any more ..."

The Beauty of the Punjaban SARBPREET SINGH

"They know not the iron in your soul / They know not of your spine of steel ..."

Gursikh A Poem by RASLEEN KAUR

Look at the saint soldier / Look at the face / The chardi kala / Turns dumps into a beautiful place.

Today I Ask Waris Shah to Speak Up from His Grave:
The Partition of Punjab - Three Poems W.H. AUDEN, AMRITA PRITAM & FAIZ AHMED FAIZ

"O soother of the stricken, arise and see your Punjab!"


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