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Partition plus 62-years: Chandigarh, Punjab's Capital?

The name "Chandigarh", the new capital of post-Partition Punjab,  translates into "The Fort of the Sword".

Partition Woes by WILLIAMS COLE

In 1947, when Partition happened, I think people thought it was going to be a soft border ...

The Partition & I:
The Long Walk Home A Book Review by KHUSHWANT SINGH [New Delhi]

I have a gut feeling we have a new star rising in Punjab's literary horizon.

The Partition & I:
Those Days of Insanity by KHUSHWANT SINGH [New Delhi]

The papers reported the casualties like a 'Muslim vs. The Rest' cricket score.

The Partition & I:
Remembrance of Things Past by I.J. SINGH

It has now become so difficult to answer when people ask me where I am from.

The Absolute Truth About Man's First Moon Landing THE BATHINDA TIMES

Neil Armstrong had barely stepped down on the moon when ...

Parting of the Rivers A Poem by MICHELE GIBSON

Cataclysmic events at the hands of foreign plunderers and home-grown traitors ravaged Punjab twice within a century.

Unhealed Wounds:
Partition & Separation

It was not an uncommon story - those left behind became hostages and were forced to convert to Islam.

Train to Pakistan A Book Review by MANJYOT KAUR

The summer of 1947 was not like other Indian summers.

India Turns Sixty by I.J. SINGH

Let's welcome India into the gray world of adulthood.

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