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Prakash Kaur: Mother Hope by PRIYANKA RAI

She is obviously getting on in years but she still retains the strength to make rotis for all the children three times a day and seven days a week.

Bhai Kanhaiyya, The Precursor of The Red Cross by NAVEEN SINGH GAREWAL

Long before Florence Nightingale or the birth of the very idea of the Red Cross, its precursor tended to friend and foe alike in the battles Sikhs fought against tyranny. 

The Mother in Sikhi by RANBIR SINGH SANDHU

Today, and indeed every day, let us all show our gratitude and celebrate our mothers who have given us so much and have worked so selflessly to make us what we are.

A Little Work, A Little Play:
The Autobiography of Hardit Singh Malik A Book Review by Dr. GURNAM SINGH BRARD

He served with great courage in the Royal Flying Corps as a fighter pilot in World War I. In one combat mission, his airplane took 400 bullets, of which a couple pierced his leg.

Superman Fauja Singh Turns 100 by NISTHA CHUGH

It appears that to be a successful marathoner, first and foremost - you need a big heart!

Patwant Singh: An Ambassador For All Seasons by HARINDER SINGH

He questioned the "Indian state for lionising [the likes of K.P.S. Gill] whose hands are awash with the blood of thousands of their innocent countrymen."

The Making of A Real Indian Hero by ROOPINDER SINGH

By the time he was 16, Bhagat Singh had made a conscious choice - he had decided to dedicate his life to the cause of securing freedom for India.

Rescue Me: From “Save the Girl Child” Sloganeering to Reality by MALLIKA KAUR

Pritpal Singh finally made it to the side with all three girls, and Vicky threw in his parna, small turban, and lassoed all of them out to safety.

Papa ji
Capt. Sardar Kanwar Harbhajan Singh by T. SHER SINGH

A gentle face, piercing eyes, a warm and infectious smile, a snowy-white and flowing beard, and hands that easily pat children on the head or the shoulder or the back, as he talks or listens to them ...

Sardar Hukam Singh: Pioneer Parliamentarian by ROOPINDER SINGH

Though member of the Constituent Assembly and then of the Provisional Parliament, he refused to sign, accept or endorse the Indian Constitution.

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