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Remembering Corporal Gurpreet Singh:
Sikh-American Marine LOS ANGELES TIMES

"I am humbled by your heroism and your family's sacrifice."

President Obama Honours Wisconsin Gurdwara Police Heroes JAN UEBELHERR

"We don't always get the opportunity to stand and applaud the men and women who keep us safe."

Profiles in Dignity:
Bibi Lakhvinder Kaur & Bibi Jagdish Kaur JOGISHWAR SINGH

I felt extremely small in comparison ...

One Man:
The Life-Work of Vir Singh T. SHER SINGH

He simply remained seated, eyes closed, as if in deep meditation.

Poet Laureate of The Court of Guru Gobind Singh:
Bhai Nand Lal Goya TURIYA

A new website focuses on the life and work of the Great Sikh Bard.

The Braveheart of Wisconsin:
Lt Brian Murphy An Interview by KHUSHWANT SINGH [Chandigarh]

One of the tenets of the Sikh religion, ‘Serve and Protect’, is also on every police car.

Against All Odds - The Seva of a Gurmukh:
Max Arthur Macauliffe TEJA SINGH

Macauliffe's heart was broken and he returned to his country.

Fauja Singh, 101, Announces Retirement
... But Only From Competitive Running KIERON MONKS

"I want the young to be inspired to take up physical activity."

Lt Brian Murphy, Selected The Chic Sikh of 2012, Responds Lieutenant BRIAN MURPHY

"I was only doing my job ..."

The Chic Sikh of the Year 2012:
Lt Brian Murphy of the Oak Creek Police Force EDITOR

Lt Murphy confronted the killer who then riddled him with 15 bullets.

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