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The Langar at Sri Darbar Sahib Dr JOGISHWAR SINGH

I have evolved a system of getting over each bout of occasional pessimism about the state and future of our community.

A Visit to The Virasat-e-Khalsa Dr JOGISHWAR SINGH

It was such a relief to see a building dedicated to Sikh heritage not looking like a marble mausoleum plastered with gold plates.

The Deccani Sikhs of Telangana PARAMITA GHOSH

They settled in Hyderabad in 1832 as part of a gentleman’s agreement between two kings.


“There is a pleasure in creating an event that breaks the barriers we often find around us,” Jasprit Singh said.

Punjabi Parmesan:
Why Sikh Immigrants Flourish Wherever They Go PALLAVI AIYAR

“With the economy like this we’ve all got to work a bit harder. It’s normal. I don’t mind ...”

The Street Where Bibi KaulaN Lived SUHAIL ABID

She's the Muslim woman who has a gurdwara right next to Harmandar Sahib in Amritsar named after her ...

The Forgotten Gurdwara of Jeypore, Odisha ANIL DHIR

I found it in a small street, set off from the main road which has the Palace and the market.

The Saga of The Little Gurdwara of Garpos, Odisha ANIL DHIR

Word of Basant Singh's honesty and diligence spread and the Raja of Sundargarh called him ...

Ayurved Retreat:
Postcards From The Road DYA SINGH

Suddenly, I am not here to lose weight but to develop a healthier body!

Postcards From The Road:
Lush Green Cochin, Kerala DYA SINGH

Coconut trees galore, paddy fields, large stretches of water, rivers and what Keralans call 'backwaters'  ...

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