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Day One In Amritsar KAREN-EMMA WHITE

“ … nobody stopped, they all approached the roundabout from different directions at the same time … including pedestrians!”

An Invitation:
Postcards From The Road DYA SINGH

Your tunn (body) shall be pampered to the max, and your munn (mnd) shall experience timelessness ...

In Jalandhar:
Postcards From The Road DYA SINGH

This is 'primary' Sikhi at its best: about naam juppna, vund ke chhakna and kirat karni.

The Merry Host T. SHER SINGH

Young boys with virgin chins and toy-like guns, pretending to know why they were there. Ready to kill and be killed.

The Day They Stopped Killing Each Other T. SHER SINGH

Nobody knows how to deal with youth left behind, the flotsam and jetsam of a long and vicious war.

Europe's Newfound Enlightenment T. SHER SINGH

I have no reason to doubt the sincerity of the passion emanating from Europe in recent weeks over our rights and freedoms ...

Guru Baba Nanak Rested Here
During His Fourth Journey:

If it was to be the gurdwara we were in search of, it would have a Tharrha Sahib (raised platform) ...

Postcard From Kenya DYA SINGH

We arrived on 30 October 2014 for 10 days of kirtan and two days at Amboseli Game Park ...

Road To Amritsar:
Six Motorbikers From Malaysia YUDHVIR RANA

"All my fatigue disappeared when I entered the City of the Golden Temple ..."


The birth anniversary of Guru Nanak provides Sikhs in the Middle East with the opportunity for celebration, but also reflection.

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