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Day Eight & Nine ...
In Chandigarh, Punjab -
The City of Le Corbusier KAREN-EMMA WHITE

Thousands of documents, photographs, newspapers, coins and books have been digitally copied ...

Day Six in Amritsar:
Gobingarh Fort And Khandas Galore KAREN-EMMA WHITE

We entered the fort through the gatehouse where Maharajah Ranjit Singh would have entered on one of his majestic elephants.

Day Five In Amritsar:
The Sandhanwalias KAREN-EMMA WHITE

With the right development the city could attract considerably more tourism.

Day Four In Amritsar:
International Fateh Academy KAREN-EMMA WHITE

I was keen to establish a link between a school we work with in Thetford, England, and a school in Amritsar.

Day Three in Amritsar:
Ram Bagh -
Ranjit Singh’s Summer Palace KAREN-EMMA WHITE

I could almost see the Maharajah climbing off his elephant right in front of me.

Day Two In Amritsar KAREN-EMMA WHITE

To complete my experience, I had a go at doing seva by washing dishes in the Langar Hall.

Day One In Amritsar KAREN-EMMA WHITE

“ … nobody stopped, they all approached the roundabout from different directions at the same time … including pedestrians!”

An Invitation:
Postcards From The Road DYA SINGH

Your tunn (body) shall be pampered to the max, and your munn (mnd) shall experience timelessness ...

In Jalandhar:
Postcards From The Road DYA SINGH

This is 'primary' Sikhi at its best: about naam juppna, vund ke chhakna and kirat karni.

The Merry Host T. SHER SINGH

Young boys with virgin chins and toy-like guns, pretending to know why they were there. Ready to kill and be killed.

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