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The Akal Takht:
Postcards From The Road DYA SINGH

It is like a miracle unfolding. And I am here to witness it!

Punjab On The Boil:
Postcards From The Road DYA SINGH

I am in Punjab. Turbulent and tense is the atmosphere. The usual political intrigue is going on.

Corbusier’s Capital For A Partitioned Punjab THE TRIBUNE

Chandigarh has remained true to Le Corbusier’s planning and architecture.


I was ignorant of the fact that there are Sikh citizens of Sindh.

Bhagat Puran Singh
And His Pingalwara in Amritsar Dr Bhai HARBANS LAL

Bhagat Puran Singh would have been 111 years old today.

I Moved To Small Town Ontario JENNIFER HART

I scanned the room, wondering where to sit. I saw a man in a turban sitting in his own row.

Sikh Farmers Of Tamil Nadu KV LAKSHMANA

"This is easily the most scientific farm in this part of the world. It is amazing to see this in drought-prone Ramanathapuram."

Postcards From The Road:
Toronto, Canada DYA SINGH

The Anand Kaaraj was tastefully organised with guests coming from all over the world.


As my mother is a school teacher, our trips to India to visit family are timed to coincide with the summer break at her school.

The Blessed Punjabi Landscape SALMAN RASHID

Savouring the landscape of the Punjab plains during the months of Saavan and Bhaadon ...



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