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Is Sikhi Being Wasted on Sikhs? by JOGISHWAR SINGH

The message of Sikhi is so universal, humanistic and elevating that it can only be imbibed and practiced by very strong individuals.

How I See Sikhi: A Non-conformist's Religion Gunita Kaur Singh

"Once in a while it really hits people that they don't have to experience the world in the way they have been told to."

Twist & Braid by S.J. KAUR

Twist, braid, twist, braid ... three parts of self: mind, heart and soul!

A Spiritual New Year's Eve by AVNEET BAINS

Amongst the revelry and the parties, many opt to welcome the New Year in a more spiritual way.

Our Green Guru by D.P. SINGH

Guru Granth declares that the purpose of human beings is to be in harmony with all creation.


With their distinctive appearance and religious practices, Sikh-Americans often find themselves at the center of discrimination.

Mool Mantar - Affirmations Amidst Adversity by JASTEENA KAUR DHILLON

I realize that I am being challenged to maintain my faith, while still dealing with the reality of violence and inequality.

Songs of My Beloved by S.J. KAUR

Each night, my 2-yr old daughter and I cuddle up together, small hands in big. It's time for nini-paatth ...

Here and Now by I.J. SINGH

The command in Guru Granth to 'meditate' asks me to center the mind. This is crucial to a meaningful life ...

The Crowning of Harjaap Singh by T. SHER SINGH

In a couple of weeks, my nephew will go through a regal rite of passage into manhood.take

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