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Oh God! How I Wish ... by PAVNEET KAUR

When I pray, I pray to God in the presence of Guru Granth Sahib, and invoke the blessings of the other Gurus as well.

Death Is a Journey by SHAMSHER SINGH PURI

One man's interpretation of what death entails, and the relationship between life, death and Eternal Life.

Cultivating Pride by PARDEEP SINGH NAGRA

I asked them to guess how long it would take me to tie the turban ... and then proceeded to remove my turban.

Standing Out and Out-Standing by KANWALROOP KAUR SINGH

I can no longer forget who I am at will ... Now my identity is written in bold ... I cannot escape it, hide it, ignore it ...

Becoming a Man by RICK ROJAS

"It is not to tell others who we are ... It is a reminder to myself who I am."

The Stages of Human Life by JASMINE KAUR

Guru Nanak describes the ten phases of life and guides us on how to conduct ourselves through each of them.

Wealth & Poverty in Sikhism by SEWA SINGH KALSI

The two concepts are closely linked with the doctrine of social justice in Sikhi.


It frees and empowers each and every person ... it lights a fire in the gut and explodes the creative potential.

It's a Knife, It's a Dagger, It's a Sword ... No, It's a Kirpan! by MANJIT SINGH

Let us be more imaginative, bold and proactive in finding solutions to our problems.


The blazing bullet of hate was fired at him point-blank, but he was bulletproof. His identity, self-respect and pride protected him.

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