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Just Like Everyone Else by K.C.

He's light enough that I can just cradle him and move him to the gurney myself. While carrying him to the gurney, his arm dangles in front of me with the kara ...

Peaceful Warrior by K.C.

With turban in place and a peaceful look to his face, I see a tear trickle from the corner of his eye and travel down his face to get absorbed in his beard.

Everything is Yours - Part Two A Short Story by ROSALIA SCALIA

The wind pushes the helicopter sideways, its blades nicking the medical school's brick walls, sending a spray of sharp red chips into a random shower.

Everything is Yours -
Part One A Short Story by ROSALIA SCALIA

"... Can they get any redder or louder? They look like clown shoes! A person can't help but notice them! They're awesome!"


"Does it hurt, honey?" Trust me, it's nothing a Sikh can't handle.


Blood dribbled out betweeb his lips when the sepoy hit him again, closer to the mouth.

Chandigarh Soap Opera - The Patriarch Arrives by RAVNEET KAUR SANGHA

He strode in, clad in an immaculate cotton-white kurta-pyjama, wrapped in the softest pashmina toosh lohi ...

Chandigarh Soap Opera by RAVNEET KAUR SANGHA

This strange dance between the x and y chromosomes determines destiny in every household of Punjab ...

Under The Lemon Trees MACMILLAN BOOKS

A debut novel of a young Sikh woman growing up in California, struggling between embracing her heritage and 'fitting in' as an American.

Anita Rau Badami's
Can You Hear the Nightbird Call? A Book Review by AMY SANDS BRODOFF

Badami bridges far-flung worlds and people touched by the tragic events of 1984.

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