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Everything is Yours - Part Two A Short Story by ROSALIA SCALIA

The wind pushes the helicopter sideways, its blades nicking the medical school's brick walls, sending a spray of sharp red chips into a random shower.

Everything is Yours -
Part One A Short Story by ROSALIA SCALIA

"... Can they get any redder or louder? They look like clown shoes! A person can't help but notice them! They're awesome!"


"Does it hurt, honey?" Trust me, it's nothing a Sikh can't handle.


Blood dribbled out betweeb his lips when the sepoy hit him again, closer to the mouth.

Chandigarh Soap Opera - The Patriarch Arrives by RAVNEET KAUR SANGHA

He strode in, clad in an immaculate cotton-white kurta-pyjama, wrapped in the softest pashmina toosh lohi ...

Chandigarh Soap Opera by RAVNEET KAUR SANGHA

This strange dance between the x and y chromosomes determines destiny in every household of Punjab ...

Under The Lemon Trees MACMILLAN BOOKS

A debut novel of a young Sikh woman growing up in California, struggling between embracing her heritage and 'fitting in' as an American.

Anita Rau Badami's
Can You Hear the Nightbird Call? A Book Review by AMY SANDS BRODOFF

Badami bridges far-flung worlds and people touched by the tragic events of 1984.

Burdened Whispers by AMRITPAL SINGH ARORA

Simran cowers as she thinks of the possibility of being alone. She swallows a sleeping pill and returns to Karan’s room. She stands at the foot of the bed and watches her son.

Shauna Singh Baldwin: Writing Through Tears An Interview and a Book Review by ROSALIA SCALIA

Any woman who does a lot of work - whether in the West or the East - has experienced the need for a wife.

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