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Check Mate
Part I

She’s enjoyed combing and braiding Harman’s thick long hair, twisting it into a bun atop his head as the boy guided her, and retying the black cloth over it ...

Reframing Our Mythologies SHAUNA SINGH BALDWIN

But what if we interpreted the epics for our times? Tales of “stupid” women being tempted away or abducted are devices that bring out a more interesting and cautionary theme -- how men can lose their feminine side.

Jewels of the Night:
A Punjabi Fable LESLIE SLAPE

Their bags grew heavy, but still the men gathered the jewels of the night. The sky began to lighten. The men saw the diamonds better than before and gathered them even faster.

Let Your Mind Be

His father and some men dashed outside with a carpet, half carrying, half dragging only Taya ji inside. Taya ji’s entire body was scorched. Biji had wept and prayed.

Let Your Mind Be

As the weeks unfolded, despite their testy dialogue, despite referring to each as other “Pinkie” and “Fuzzy,” he’d looked for glimpses of pink, and seeing her sent his spirit soaring.

Let Your Mind Be

“Are you okay?” a man asked. A growing crowd gathered, rubbernecking. Straining to breathe, Amrit reached for his inhaler. “Ambo’s on the way, sir,” the man said, his voice measured.

Another Nanak Singh Novel Now In English Translation by ADITI TANDON

Published by HarperCollins, the work recreates the magic of Nanak Singh through a poignant story set in Peshawar of the pre-Partition era.

Tale of A Sikh Village in Canada BOOK REVIEW

The author, who attended school with Paldi's Sikh children, wished to explore the encounters and bonds between the two cultures. This is done through the friendship of the two main characters, Prabhjot and Ella.

Where The Rubber Hits The Road:
Novelist Baldev Singh Sadaknama by NONIKA SINGH

The renowned novelist worked as a truck-driver for 10 years and was privy to a world that outsiders can neither relate to nor understand.

Toba Tek Singh by SAADAT HASAN MANTO, Translated from Urdu by FRANCES W. PRITCHETT

Two or three years after Partition, it occurred to the governments of Pakistan and India that, like criminal offenders, lunatics too ought to be exchanged.

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