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Part I
Prem Kahani T. SHER SINGH

TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 13, 2012: It wasn’t the words that hit me hard, like a door slammed on the face. It wasn’t what she said, it was how she said it. It was too matter-of-fact, too cold. No drama, no emotion, nothing ...

Gurdial Singh: A Reader A Book Review by NIRUPAMA DUTT

It is indeed a "one-stop shop" in which is mirrored in English the life, times and works of this most significant living novelist that modern Punjabi has known.

Hazoorie's Silence A Short Story by DALVEER KAUR

She turns to look at the picture and picks it up. Strokes her husbands’ face, as the last memory she has of him. The ache in her heart grows. Almost accusing him of leaving her all alone ...

The Birthmark - Part II

Ghee cannot be taken out with a straight finger, Rajjoji’s mother had never tired of repeating to her when Rajjoji was a little girl. If the world was not amenable to reason then Rajjoji really had no choice but to resort to subterfuge.

The Birthmark - Part I

Bhushan smiled, the thought of his lovely, dark, softly smiling wife warming his limbs, suddenly making him feel wide awake and eager to start the day.

Whither Thou Goest ... I Will Not Go:

We never went out together. We never spoke in public. We never told a single soul. Yet, tongues began to wag. Our secret was out. Our eyes had betrayed us.

Check Mate
Part II

The boys and the dogs shriek and bark in the yard. Lily can hear balls bounce against the side of the house, and she knows that something is changed.

Check Mate
Part I

She’s enjoyed combing and braiding Harman’s thick long hair, twisting it into a bun atop his head as the boy guided her, and retying the black cloth over it ...

Reframing Our Mythologies SHAUNA SINGH BALDWIN

But what if we interpreted the epics for our times? Tales of “stupid” women being tempted away or abducted are devices that bring out a more interesting and cautionary theme -- how men can lose their feminine side.

Jewels of the Night:
A Punjabi Fable LESLIE SLAPE

Their bags grew heavy, but still the men gathered the jewels of the night. The sky began to lighten. The men saw the diamonds better than before and gathered them even faster.

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