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My Journey Across The Styx:
Or, How I Flew To India DYA SINGH

A flight into and out of India is always a harrowing experience.

New Delhi Subway Riders Must Pass Breathalyzer:
Incredible India! RICK WESTHEAD

Indian subway signs read: "Spitting is banned. No sitting on the floor and public urination."

Best Foot Forward:
Analyzing the Quality of India's Journalism Today GIRISH K.N. YADAV

“What I Learned From Reading Every Last Word of India Today.”

Are You There, People?
It's Me ... God JAY MARTEL

Here’s my problem: I don’t believe in people.

Desperate to Flee Dead-End India, Punjabis Adopt Goofy Hindu Superstitious Practices TALHAN, et al

An unprecedented govt-run gurdwara turns to Hindu practices.

Musical Chair Grooms RAVNEET KAUR SANGHA

The whole star-cast was present. We had drama. We had women in their finery, dripping diamonds ...

The Great Disconnect - Amitabh Bachchan & Company
Delhi Follies # 3 GIRISH K.N. YADAV

The parents of the child have announced that her 1st birthday celebration is to be a "private affair".

It is An Assault on India Itself:

Four to five people will "shout, beat drums or blow a whistle" if they see anyone urinating or defecating in the open, an official told the BBC.

Delhi Follies:
Postcards from the Bizarres of India GIRISH K.N. YADAV

As we approach winter, a blanket of smog has settled over New Delhi. The pall will hang over us for a few months, threatening to smother us in our winter sleep.

Now You Are Talking!
Death Penalty for Rebellious Children! JUDD LEGUM

A Republican candidate says children who don’t demonstrate “respect for parents” should be put to death.

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