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Two weekends ago, I co-lectured at ’Grihast‘ (Family), a married couples retreat organized by The Sikh Research Institute in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. 

I am doing it again.

“Why?” I ask myself. I’d rather be sitting on my mountain top than standing in front of 25 young, married couples.

But duty calls. And I answer.

I wonder if they sense my nervousness. Yes! I’m nervous. Not because I don’t know the subject matter. It’s because, I don’t want to reveal myself.

But isn’t that what makes a presentation real? When the audience connects with the speaker.

I’m not sure if that happened though at this presentation. I wonder if my silver strands and reflective musings prevented me in connecting with their youthful hopes and dreams.

I wish I could have told them: Marriage does not have a ‘lived happily ever after’ sequel after you’ve tied the knot, that it’s a lifetime of ‘I choose to love you’ beginnings.

How we choose to love each other, day in and day out, is the proverbial dance. The dance of staying distinct, yet intertwined and connected. The dance of comfort, with a streak of wild.

And …

When the pain of boredom enters, as it does in any relationship of length, to take the time from time to time to kindle a match.

There are clichés galore. But time worn, time tested. And still going strong.

Don’t allow familiarity chase passion out the door. Be that light that shines in each other’s dark places. Loving is tough, but so worth it. Make your marriage an endless discovery. Keep your relationship lusciously alive.

And above all …

Enjoy each other!

Confession: I am filled with admiration for these couples who took the time to invest in their relationships.

I wish them well…

May all their dreams bear fruit.

February 23, 2015

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1: Navjot Kaur (Chandigarh, Punjab), February 24, 2015, 4:45 AM.

Beautifully interpreted. It's the need of the hour for this generation which is becoming so mechanical and opportunistic. No matter what, there is a force above which balances everything, no matter how one plans one's life. You've chosen a good topic. Very good effort. God bless.

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