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The Morning Hukam:
A Meditation
Monday, December 22, 2014






Today’s Hukam, Darbar Sahib, Amritsar – Monday, December 22, 2014


Fire is contained in all firewood, and butter is contained in all milk. Divine Light is contained in the high and in the low; the Divine is in the hearts of all beings.  || 1 ||  

O Saints, the Divine is pervades and permeates each and every heart. The Perfect Divine completely permeates everyone, everywhere; the Divine is diffused in the water and the land.  || 1 ||  Pause  ||  

Nanak sings the praises of the Divine, the treasure of excellence; the True Guru has dispelled his doubt. The Divine pervades everywhere, permeates all, and yet is unattached from all.  || 2 || 1 || 29 ||

[Guru Arjan, Raag Soratth, GGS: 617]


This beautiful blessing from the Fifth Master, Guru Arjan Sahib, is in two parts:

In wood there is fire; in milk there is butter – neither can be seen with the naked eye. However, if you take a matchstick and ignite the wood, fire exposes itself. When milk is churned, butter emerges. Similarly, the Divine resides deep within us. The matchstick that will reveal Divinity is Shabad.

Shabad ignites love and devotion; and the roaring Flame is experienced within.

Fire resides in all, from the tallest tree to the smallest plant.

Butter exists within, in the larg jug of milk and in the small cup of milk.

Similarly, in each and every heart pervades the Divine.

Divine Perfection permeates over land and waters: Whether the land is barren or cultivated; whether the water is polluted or pure. The Divine pervades universally.

Within the saint and the sinner is the Eternal One; yet unstained and untainted.

The question: How does one get to experience Divine presence?

The answer: Connecting with the True Guru, one’s doubts and illusions are removed. The matchstick of Shabad, ignites consciousness and the longing to unite with the Divine arises.

Realization dawns: This world is temporary; Shabad is eternal.

The learning: To seek the Divine, churn your mind with Shabad. When the mind is in equipoise, butter appears – Divine Presence.

Path laid out.

Head bows.

My ardaas: O Lord. help me churn my mind.

December 22, 2014

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1: Ajit Singh Batra (Pennsville, New Jersey, USA), December 22, 2014, 10:16 AM.

By reading the above message (GGS:617), it also takes me to GGS:1350 by Bhagat Kabir ji. "Khaalik khalak khalak meh Khaalik ..." -- "The Creator is in His creation and in this creation He resides". God alone is permanent, real and all-pervading. One in all and all in One, and yet aloof. God remains unchanged, but takes diverse appearances in this universe, through His creation.

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A Meditation
Monday, December 22, 2014"

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