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Meditations on Naam:
The Way of The Sikh -
Letter & Spirit # 42





Translated from Bhai Vir Singh's ‘Gurmukh Sikhia’


Part XXV-F

There should be no anxiety on this path. The practice of naam is destination in itself.

A sant named Lakhbir Singh ji used to say: “I was bouncing and bobbing in the sea but, one day, I was able to hang on to a ship. Since then I have been floating with the ship. I do not have to make any effort and I have no fear of drowning. The part of this ship that we can grab and be saved is called naam. I keep a very tight grip on it.”

*    *    *    *    *

On one hand, Guru Sahib instructs the gurmukh to avoid claims to being anything. Those who assume any role (of a teacher, etc.) are trapped just as a parrot is trapped over the water trap.

On the other hand, the Sikh is instructed to prostrate at the feet of a gurmukh. This is akin to a drama, where the thief is told to steal while the homeowner is also alerted at the same time.

Both sides need to follow their own instructions because Guru Sahib’s teaching is perfect.

*    *    *    *    *

Our Gurus have instructed us to ‘eat the grains and practice simran’ [in contrast to avoidance of grains by some paths]. They did not tell us to fast, nor to give up grains for the practice of naam simran, because they knew that grain (being the staple) was necessary for the body.

O Nanak, nurture the body to practice simran of the Lord” [GGS:554.1].

Kabir ji has said: “Repeat naam while tasting the grain” [GGS:873.3].

In order to succeed in naam simran we need to get enough sleep. Many individuals are in poor health due to a lack of this understanding. One must get at least six hours of regular sleep, before seeking guidance from any sant. I have only this advice.

Someone told me that he was unable to sleep. I told him to just lie down anyway. He listened, and within one month he started to have restful sleep.

Another man was able to finish the reading of entire Guru Granth Sahib in one sitting. This is not a small feat, but his mind was still scattered.

*    *    *    *    *

Guru Sahib has said that naam is the ultimate truth (‘sat-naam’). As we know, the ‘sat-chit-anand’ (eternal-awake-bliss) is He himself. But his naam is also eternal (sat).

Those who never forget Lord’s naam, what are they like? There is absolutely no difference; they are like the Lord himself” [GGS:397.17].

A being who dwells day and night on the Lord is an embodiment of the Lord. There is no difference between the Lord and his servant; know this as truth, O Nanak” [GGS:1427.19].

A man with simran of the Lord residing in his heart is a liberated being. There is no distance between such a human and the Lord; know this as truth, O Nanak” [GGS:1428.14].

People want to see spiritual powers. So they remain confused.

*    *    *    *    *

Naam is acquired through great fortune.

Awareness of the world resides in our thought. When we think, the world exists.

Awareness of Waheguru resides in remembering Waheguru: Prayer when we are in pain, gratitude when we have pleasure, and simran at other times.

Deep within our heart resides pure light of the formless one. But our mind is not clean. It is covered with the dirt of haumai. This dirt keeps us separated from the light inside.

So, we need to keep our mind engaged in Waheguru’s simran. This is why gurbani says that “A God-conscious being regards naam as his sole support” [GGS:273.7].

*    *    *    *    *

The air surrounds us. We can feel the breeze and we also breathe it. But a corpse cannot feel that air. His senses and his lungs are not working any longer.

Similarly, a connoisseur of simran can feel Waheguru’s existence, but someone without simran is just like a corpse, unable to experience Waheguru’s presence.

A sant was returning from a trip. But the gate to the city was closed for the evening. It was raining heavily. He stood outside the gate in the rain for several hours. He had faith in Waheguru’s presence and His protection.

Meanwhile, his companions took shelter under a nearby sewer. They preferred a dirty shelter to Waheguru’s sanctuary. They did not have faith in Waheguru’s presence.

Waheguru is always here: “My Guru is with me, is always near me” [GGS:394.3]. But only a connoisseur of simran can experience it, can have faith in it and enjoy it.

The spiritual ups and downs have a purpose too. They promote one’s evolution on the spiritual path. Just as contraction and expansion of the stomach promote digestion, similarly, the spiritual ebb and flow have a role and one must not worry.

*    *    *    *    *

Do not speak out, hold it in your heart; He knows everything already” [GGS:580.2].

There is no need to cry or scream in Waheguru’s presence. Just keep the mind under control. Waheguru knows our thoughts and he knows all our needs already.

Our mind is mostly busy with the worldly activities. When it is engaged in simran, it develops awareness of Waheguru’s existence. Only the practice of simran establishes firm conviction of His presence. For this reason, we should pray for the boon of being established in naam simran.

Those who practice naam simran are like Waheguru himself. Only some rare individual understands the value of naam. A spiritual master has said that if someone makes a corpse alive right in front of our eyes, it is no sign of greatness. Great is only someone who can taste naam and for whom naam has become the sole sustenance.

We must ask for only naam from Waheguru. If a seeker desires other objects then they should be also sought only from Waheguru.

It is disgraceful to beg from others.

When we ask the One Lord, the great giver, we obtain all our heart's desires. When we beg someone else then we die from shame.” [GGS:590.4]

May 1, 2014

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The Way of The Sikh -
Letter & Spirit # 42"

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