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Sikh Odyssey: A New Trivia Game



William Hodding Carter, the renowned American journalist, author and activist, once said: "There are only two lasting bequests we can give our children. One of these is roots, the other, wings."

What roots are we as Sikhs bequeathing to our children growing in this complex information-age world?

Sikh children must have a strong sense of religious and cultural identity. Strong dentities include knowing who you are and where you have come from. This task is by no means easy. Many efforts are being made by parents and other organizations in order to instill a sense of an immense and vast Sikh history and religion.

Amidst these efforts, a unique product has been developed by Kulbir Kaur.

Kulbir was born in India and immigrated to Canada at the age of 16. She has been in the teaching field for the last 20 years doing many different things. In raising her two children, she was looking for an entertaining way to instill the basics of Sikh religion and Punjab to her children.

She felt that in this information age, the Sikh children must know about their past.

Kulbir firmly believes that 'knowledge is power.' She felt that many Sikh children have a limited knowledge of Sikh Religion and Punjab and therefore are unable to understand their history, culture and traditions.

After a lot of experimentation and testing, Kulbir has developed a trivia game. This game is unique and kids who have been introduced to it to date find it addictive. They spend a lot of time learning when they don't even realize that they are learning. Of course, learning is more enjoyable when it is fun. This game is in simple English so that all children can benefit, even if they are not fluent in Punjabi. And parents readily join in the fun, because many of the questions challenge them as well.

The game is about the Sikh journey, hence the name of the game: "Sikh Odyssey".

It is in the form of a trivia game. It includes 540 questions, answers and facts about the Sikh religion and Punjab. This game has something for everyone; it has simple questions for children and some interesting questions for adul;ts as well. The questions are based on the Gurus, Guru Granth Sahib, Bhagats, Shaheeds, Maharaja Ranjit Singh, Sikh Women Heroes, Punjabi, Punjab, Sikhs in the diaspora, and much more. It covers the entire five cebnturies of our history and significant events and achievements that have taken place. All significant events are covered in a way that in a series of questions, the entire story is told.

This game makes a perfect gift for a Sikh family and even serves as a resource for any non-Sikh family. Many institutions are using these games as prizes for their members because educational toys make an ideal gift for the individual and family. These games can be used as prizes at birthday parties, competitions, Punjabi and Gurmat classes and even for sports events.

Businesses and individuals may sponsor this game. They may buy some games and donate. This is a great way to get Sikh children hooked onto Sikh and Punjab history. No doubt that these types of things take a lot of hard work and efforts and cannot succeed without the support of the entire community.

For information about this game, contact Kulbir Kaur at (905) 794-8767 or visit

Here are some sample Questions from the game.

Q: Which Guru lived the longest?
A: Guru Amaar Das Ji , 95

Q: Name the five rivers of Punjab.
A: Jhelum, Chenab, Ravi, Sutlej, Beas

Q: When did Maharaja Ranjit Singh rule Punjab?
A: 1799 - 1839

Q: Who was the first Sikh Guru to be a martyr?
A: Guru Arjan Dev Ji, May 1606

Q: Who was the first Sikh woman martyr?
A: Mata Gujri Ji.

Q: When was Shaheed Bhagat Singh born?
A: 27 September 1907

Q: When was the first Gurdwara Sahib opened in Canada?
A: 1908

Q: What does 'Singh' mean?

A: Lion

Q: How many shabads are in Guru Granth Sahib Ji?

A: 5872 Shabads

Q: How many times does the Mool Mantar appear in Guru Granth Sahib Ji?
A: 33 times


March 12, 2010


Conversation about this article

1: Inni Kaur (Fairfield, CT, U.S.A.), March 12, 2010, 8:01 AM.

Thank you, Kulbir Kaur, for developing this. The community really needs resources of this calibre.

2: I.J. Singh (New York, U.S.A.), March 12, 2010, 8:08 AM.

For a Jeopardy fanatic that I am, this game of 'trivial pursuit' on Sikhs and Sikhism seems like a fantastic and much needed idea. Where and how is it available?

3: Ruchie Kaur (New York, U.S.A.), March 12, 2010, 8:56 AM.

Thumbs up to Kulbir Kaur on the innovation of the Sikh Odyssey Trivia Game! Given in any learning environment, a trivial pursuit is a great assessment technique, where it lets us assess and reinforce the learned knowledge. The adaptation of various questions, while accommodating to a variety of learning levels, definitely leads us on a path of creating a student-centered environment, provided in one of the most innovative ways of having fun while learning. I myself learned a few things based on the sample questions listed above. Good job of enhancing the learning process in our community!

4: Ravinder Singh Taneja (Westerville, Ohio, U.S.A.), March 12, 2010, 1:06 PM.

For some time now, I have been thinking of something like this to teach kids at our gurdwara. This is fantastic. How do we get our hands on this?

5: Sangat Singh (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia), March 12, 2010, 5:34 PM.

"The hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world!" It always starts with the mother. My earliest, formative memory is in my mother's lap, she lovingly reading to me from the 'Janam Sakhi' It didn't matter whether I understood anything or not. I already had a glimpse of an early heaven. Imperceptibly, it was the 'jaag', a starter that did its work as is it's wont. I must have been four or five at the time. Even today, I have those delicious memories. Kulbir ji, that is how it began. The seeding operation was done. The lesson imbibed with milk did its work. Bless you and keep the torch burning.

6: Kulbir Kaur (Brampton, Ontario, Canada), March 12, 2010, 8:20 PM.

Thank you very much to everyone for their kind words of praise and encouragement. I am really honoured. If you would like to get a copy of this game, please contact me at 1.905.794.8767 or send me an e-mail through

7: Baljit Singh Sidhu (Chester, Virginia, U.S.A.), March 13, 2010, 12:35 PM.

Excellent game. How can I get one for our local Gurdwara sahib?

8: Amitoj Singh (Punjab), March 14, 2010, 6:49 AM.

Great effort! Keep up the good work! A trivia was developed in 2002 as well by the Nanakshahi Trust. It can be viewed at

9: Sukhindapal Singh (Penang, Malaysia), March 14, 2010, 8:32 PM.

'Babania kahania put seput kKerayn'. My first teacher was my Mother, closely followed by my Papaji. We could not afford to go to kindergarten, but what my parents taught us laid the foundation of what we are today. Last month, I was at the "Headquarters" - Harmandar Sahib - and while looking for some Asa di Vaar gutkaas in the shops just ouside, came across and immediately acquired a set of the Sikh Odyssey. I now share it with my kids and in the process am learning with them. Thanks, Bibi Kulbir Kaur ji, for a wonderful effort. Guru Raakha.

10: Jasdeep Singh (U.S.A.), March 14, 2010, 10:11 PM.

Dear Kulbir ji, the game is fabulous. Great job! The trivia game is a great innovative idea.

11: Ashmeet Kaur (Toronto, Ontario, Canada), April 19, 2010, 9:46 AM.

This game is SUPER! I ordered it last week and received it so-o-o fast!! And it is simply amazing! There are no kids at my place who can make use of this right now but I am sure we adults too need to get our facts right! There is so much info ranging from Sikh History to Punjabi culture ... I suggest everyone should get this game of trivia!

12: Gurleen (Canada), May 03, 2010, 8:03 AM.

I love Punjabi!

13: Manpreet Singh (Mumbai, India), May 03, 2010, 8:15 AM.

Bhenji, this is great work and appears to be of immense quality. Our Inderjeet Veer ji, a YSL ( trustee, has just informed me that he is in talks with you. We will do all that it takes to bring it to our members. Let him continue to coordinate this issue and commercials with you. Our primary focus is India.

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