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June 1984:
An Eye-Witness Account ROBERT MATAS

His voice quivers as he recounts the horrific scene: dead bodies everywhere, everywhere, everywhere, he repeats.


"They come every year / asking me the same questions ..."

Profiles in Dignity:
Bibi Lakhvinder Kaur & Bibi Jagdish Kaur JOGISHWAR SINGH

I felt extremely small in comparison ...

A Tragic Verdict:
Cri de Coeur A Poem by AJAY SHUKLA (In Hindi, translated into English by author)

A cry from the heart -- on the acquital of a mass-murderer ...

No Surprise:
1984 Mass-Murderer Sajjan Kumar Walks NEWS REPORT

The struggle for justice continues.

Amritsar's 1984 Memorial Defies A Cowardly Nation in Denial JAGTAR KAUR

In defiance of the very same politicians who were behind 1984 ...

Kabhi Here, Kabhi There:
Amitabh Bachchan - Complicit in the 1984 Mass-Murders JATIN GANDHI & HARTOSH SINGH BAL

He's now a 'friend' of mass-murderer Narendra Modi.

The Silent Majority T. SHER SINGH

Just you watch how quickly things start moving now ...

Is This Really What India Deserves? HARTOSH SINGH BAL

Neither the Congress nor the BJP/RSS are strangers to violence.

The Man in The Orange Turban:
Basel, Switzerland DAVID

It was the time when Sikhs were demanding independence from India.

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