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The Lost Generation:
1984 & The Decade Thereafter Dr RAHULDEEP SINGH GILL

The Disappeared. This is the name for so many young men picked up by the police and never heard of again.

November 1, 1984,
New Delhi -
Indian MP Kamal Nath Directs The Mob SANJAY SURI

The white of Kamal Nath’s kurta-pajama was standard for a Congress leader or a politician.

India’s Most Shameful Past:
A New Book On India’s Great Genocide -
“1984: The Anti-Sikh Violence And After” SOUTIK BISWAS

It was “controlled action rather than uncontrolled anger”.

It Can Happen Again:
Indira Gandhi Suspended Democracy in 1976 And Became Dictator MIHIR S SHARMA

Forty years on, don’t think the Emergency is just history. It’s a warning …

A Love Poem After The Genocide A Poem by JASPREET SINGH

“From now on, we will tell / our stories / ourselves …”

India Weaves A Web Of Lies
And Shifts Blame For Violence By State In Jammu On ‘The Phoren Hand’ NEWS REPORTS

If Indian ‘intelligence’ is to be believed, Spain, United Kingdom and Pakistan were all involved.

June 1984:
Reclaiming History RAVLEEN KAUR

Then, the press didn’t have the freedom to tell this story. Today, the people who lived it are telling it themselves.

Indian Authorities Manufacture Crisis In Jammu
To Overshadow June 84 Anniversary …

On Wednesday, Jagjeet Singh, 25, was shot dead by the Indian Paramilitary …

The Ghallughara:
Operation Blue Star -

Bhindranwale and his chief military advisors, who had taken shelter within the Akal Takht, were captured and killed under torture.

A Front Row Seat to History ISHNAN KAUR

The helplessness, bewilderment and terror of that day is something that I will never forget.

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