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It’s Time India Accept Responsibility For Its 1984 Sikh Genocide SIMRAN JEET SINGH, TIME Magazine

32 years later, the Indian govt. stubbornly refuses to admit its role in the religious massacre.

Uncovering The Truth Behind India’s Serial Genocides S. R. PRAVEEN

“How clean is the clean chit that has been supposedly given to Modi?”

When Steel Entered My Soul:
Indian Air Force Veteran Recounts 1984 Anti-Sikh Pogrom RANA SINGH CHINNA

“I slipped three cartridges into my pocket; one each for my parents and the last one for myself.”

‘If Sardarji Had Been Alive…’
How Anti-Sikh Lynch Mobs Changed Their Life in 1984 HARSH SINGH MANDER

One Sikh family’s story is the tale of thousands of others from this day 32 years ago.

Lest We Forget:
Eyewitness Accounts From India’s 1984 Anti-Sikh Pogrom AJAZ ASHRAF

“Why don’t you call the Army?”

Blood On His Forehead:
Former Indian Prime Minister Implicated In 1984 Anti-Sikh Pogrom -
Narasimha Rao AJAZ ASHRAF

Then Home Minister feigned sleep when Delhi was burning and thousands of innocent Sikhs were being massacred.

From Stage To Page:
The Full ‘Kultar’s Mime’ Story Is Now In Print DIPANITA NATH

New book captures the journey of Kultar’s Mime, an internationally successful theatre production on India’s Sikh Genocide.

The Ongoing Saga Of
Mass-Murderer Kamal Nath HARTOSH SINGH BAL

The mob was completely under Kamal Nath’s control and composed of Congressmen.

Holding India's Feet To Its Human Rights Record JAGDEESH SINGH MANN

As many Sikhs died in a few days in India's 1984 pogroms, as in Pinochet’s Chile in 17 years. 

The Story I Did Not Report In '84 SANJAY SURI

On the day Sant Bhindranwale was declared murdered by Indian troops, I, a Hindu stranger, was at his house.

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